Gun Control: Lullabies, Legends, and Lies

There was a high-profile shooting yesterday which brought out the typical news media routine of spin the back story on the shooter and deflect the incident into a conversation on gun control, or as they want to call it now gun safety or ending gun violence. The problem starts with a lack of understanding personal responsibility, the shooter decided to do this himself. It turns out he was from the political Left in this country, he was a Bernie supporter and a socialist, a social media ranter against any and all things Trump, and he was a Left-leaning news junkie. This information was all downplayed and the reporting was directed in the direction of gun control. Today, I am going to just present a few facts because there is a metric ton of fact that is ignored whenever the topic turns to gun control.

Shortly after the shootings, the Governor of Virginia made a very inaccurate (and ridiculous) statement that we lose 93 million Americans every day to gun violence. Unless we are bringing in many more refugees than they are publicly claiming, everyone in the U.S.A. would be dead in just a few days at that rate. In fact, if I may be permitted to use a more factual terminology, and call it gun-related deaths, even if the Governor meant to say 93 deaths per day, he would have still been incorrect. He would have been much closer to the truth, but in our time, facts don’t mean as much as agendas.

So, undisputed fact – there are right at 30,000 gun-related deaths per year in the U.S.A. Statistically speaking, a tiny fraction of the population of the U.S.A. dies per year from gun-related causes. On a personal level, each loss is tragic. At a recent shooting at North Lake College in Irving, I lost a former student. I know. But even the 30,000 number needs to be dissected to see a clear picture and notice the media spin.

To start with, you need to subtract 15% of the 30,000. That is the number that are from justified actions. Bad guys sometimes refuse to be taken in by the Police, or at times leave the Officers with no other option. In some cases, a home invader chose the home of an armed citizen and paid the price for the crime. Justifiable shootings happen, but anti-gun politicians think it is okay to lump these shootings in with the rest.

Next, take out 65% because those are suicides. Taking guns away because of potential suicides is pointless because if a person wants to die, they will find a way to make it happen, and the entire availability of guns effect on the suicide rate is propaganda.

You have to take out another 3% for accidental discharge. Guns, in spite of Hollywood jargon, do not just go off. The trigger has to be pulled, or there has to be a faulty engineering which allows a gun to fire when dropped.

So we are left with 17% of that 30,000 who are killed by the mentally ill, criminals, gang members, and druggies. Five thousand out of over three hundred million will not give you those drastic infographics that make America out to be the murder capital of the world, which we are not.

In the end, we are left with just over 5,000 deaths per year that are the victims of gun violence, out of a Nation of over 300,000,000. And 25% of those deaths come from just four cities! Chicago, of course, takes the top honors followed by Baltimore, Detroit, and Washington D.C. And while we are here, I should probably point out that these cities have very strict gun control laws.

And this is a point where I will make note of the glaring fallacy that the media wants you to ignore – gun control leaves only the law-abiding citizens defenseless. The criminals don’t care one bit about the gun laws. Need proof, search out the number of shootings that occur in Gun Free Zones.

If you are on the political Left, and you wonder why people on the Political Right will not budge on gun control, no matter how you change the terminology, look at Australia. In a moment of weakness and emotion, they allowed themselves to be stripped of every means of personal self-defense. Now, the politicians there, who are safe behind their armed security force, are telling the populace that in the event of a terrorist attack, they should Run, Hide Tell, and if found in hiding, Beg. 

In my humble opinion, we owe it to those, who lost their lives in generations past to secure and maintain our freedom, to preserve and defend that freedom. You have the option to believe the BS and the lies and the spin. I think the truth in the debate is pretty telling. But so is the constant intentional misdirection of the political Left. So, in closing, I would like to recommend that you open a history book and read it.

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