Free Online Self Defense Course

Our long-promised FREE online self-defense course is now live!

Well…it was live when I first published this notice. Time passes and things change. Udemy has changed their policy, and courses with as much content as mine are not allowed to be free. So, for now I will issue this through YouTube. I have put the videos together as a playlist, and if I did it rght, you should be able to just click here to see it. It will not have the quizez or the “coffee shop”, where I did the Q&A. If that doesn’t work, hit the videos tab of this site and you will find most of the videos from the course that I posted on my YouTube channel. Additionally, I have decided to update the course, and that will give me something to do with the channel.

A word on the videos; the editing is a bit choppy at times. I am less skilled at this than one might assume. I absolutely love the awkward freeze frames that were added to the videos. Some silliness never hurts when dealing with a serious subject.

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  1. georgepd says:

    Kudos for your online venture. Thank you very much.

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  2. April Marie Loughner says:

    I just wanted to say thank you.


  3. April Marie Loughner says:

    The course no longer exists


    1. Thank you for letting me know! I was unaware of this and have sent an email to Udemy to find out what happened. In the mean time, check the videos page of this site, as most of the videos were already posted to my YouTube channel. I think it is about time to update the course, and that will give me something to do! Thank you!


  4. Danilo Adrián Rivadeneira González says:

    Hi Wallace! It is there a certificate at the end of the course? Thanks in advance! Danilo


    1. There was when it was on the Udemy platform. Right now, there is not, but I am working on placing it on a new platform where it will have a certificate of completion.


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