Review: Springfield Saint Victor

Presented here is my review of the Springfield Saint Victor, first hundred rounds, as well as some thoughts for anyone considering an AR-15 purchase.

The gun is an AR-15 platform rifle, 16 inch barrel, 1:8, a full-length 15″ M-Lok® free-float handguard, flat face trigger which is nickle boron coated, mid-length gas system, 5.56, spring-loaded adjustable flip-up sights, and it comes from the factory with Bravo Company  furniture.

With all of that out of the way, let’s move on to what we all care about; functionality and performance.

This rifle is a dream to shoot. It has negligible recoil, which is one factor in the popularity of the AR-15. The Springfield Saint Victor has zero muzzle rise, this is an obvious plus when looking at accuracy and ease of follow up shots.

It is very loud. How loud? Glad you asked! It is so loud that the Range Safety Officer moved me from lane 4 to lane 45! He put me as far away from everyone else as the building could accommodate.

The trigger breaks like college-age socialists when someone disagrees with them! It is amazing! I could write about the trigger for days…

What about out-of-the-box accuracy?

The first 30 rounds

Now, I have never claimed to be John Wick. I have never even claimed to have anything more than passable marksmanship. In the photo above you can see the first thirty rounds fired from 15 yards. I emptied a standard capacity magazine and was quite happy with the results. In the first hundred rounds, zero malfunctions, and really nice accuracy straight out of the box.

For anyone who may be considering the purchase of an AR-15, there are a few roads you can take. You can buy cheap and dress it up with aftermarket furniture. Or, purchase something like the Springfield Saint Victor where you can focus on more important aftermarket accessories like red dot optics, flashlights, and chainsaw bayonets. Every AR-15 that I looked at prior to the Springfield Saint Victor was going to need new furniture. I would rather purchase one that I don’t need to replace everything before I can start adding accessories.

If you are looking at the AR-15 for home defense, it seems to me to be an extremely sound option. The  low recoil makes the gun operable by anyone in the family (obviously, training is a prerequisite). The ease of operation is another factor in favor of such a choice. It is loud, but if you know that going in, you are prepared for it. Personally, I’m willing to risk some hearing loss to protect my family from home invasion.

The Springfield Saint Victor has my highest recommendation. For the record, I was not paid for this review.

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