Here are links to the places I frequent (in no particular order). I included banner image links to the sites where I was able to figure out how to do it, for the rest it I linked through a picture from the site, it is simply a matter of my lack of knowledge and not an intended disrespect. For the record, no one listed has ever asked to be linked from here, these are simply my recommendations, and they are listed in no particular order:


KICKSTART KIDS does a lot of good teaching martial arts to at-risk youth. Rather than an after school class (which is a part of the program), KSK is a part of the student’s daily class schedule as a PE Credit Elective. Each instructor teaches 100-200 students per day. The program is a martial arts class and includes a values curriculum. We work with a lot of students who truly need what is found in the martial arts, but often cannot get the training any other way.

Iain Abernethy maintains the highest quality forum I have visited. I do not post often, but there is a lot to learn there, and trolls are not fed so they just go away. In addition to the forum, his website contains articles, free podcasts, a ton of video links, as some products for sale that are well worth the money. I highly recommend this site.

No Nonsense Self Defense is the work of Marc and Dianna MacYoung. This website contains an unknown number of hubs and the fact is you can get lost for days reading and learning. So many topics are covered, from so many different angles and all tied in to the main subject of real self-protection.

The Karate for Life Foundation is another non-profit that uses the martial arts to help equip people with the tools needed to make better choices in life. Not to mention producing the imitated but never duplicated “Ask Me About My Bruises” t-shirts. A great foundation, run by great people doing great work!

chironbanner and are from Rory Miller. He has a lot of knowledge, experience, and unlike many experts, his writing style is readable! Incredible insight from someone who has actually been there.

Alain Burrese is another expert who is still down to earth, no mysticism, no ego, just high quality information shared in a very clear manner. There is a lot to learn from him, and he even offers a free situational awareness guide!

Kris Wilder is a truly good person. He also happens to have the know-how and ability to take a person apart, so thank goodness he is a nice guy! His website contains free articles, downloadable PDF book chapters and a lot more! His books are all on my recommended reading list, and he constantly offers more free items on his site!


Survive and Defend is a website from Alain Burrese. Another real expert who is looking to help people stay safe. He covers a wide range of safety topics and is always turning out new information and many free downloads.

If you are not visiting these sites, you should. I don’t like to waste my time, and internet time can easily turn into wasted time. There is a lot to learn online, and one need not spend their time looking at pictures of cats that want cheeseburgers or starting arguments with strangers. Learn. There is a ton of useful information on the websites listed above.

And I cannot forget to mention the awesome Stuart Williams

Longtime supporter of this blog, and an outstanding producer of some high quality podcasts and so much more on his website. Pay him a visit and spend some time listening in on his conversations with people of different walks of life. You will return here over and over!

My oldest Daughter has an online shop where she sells custom artwork at amazing prices. Do I recommend her? Hell yeah! She has done my book covers for years! She has my complete and total endorsement.