About Wallace Smedley

My name is Wallace Smedley and I am a Dallas/Fort Worth based martial arts instructor. I teach Taekwondo for the KICKSTART KIDS Foundation by day and Self-Defense/Self Protection courses from my home and to various businesses and groups on weekends. The main focus of my personal training is now on improving my health and deepening my understanding of the practical applications of the techniques I have learned in traditional martial arts, and training in tactical firearms. Work and Family leave little time for anything else, but my life is full and content and I enjoy the fact that I get to write a little and that some people find value in what I write.

This site is here because I love to write. The articles are mostly about teaching and training in martial arts, occasional reviews of knives, and guns, 2nd Amendment issues, but with a lot of opinions and other topics mixed in.

In an earlier version of this intro, I wrote the following: I do not discuss politics or religion except with friends because on both subjects people go into the conversation with minds made up and so discussion of said topics with strangers is pointless, and with friends, it is only slightly less so due to the fact of having fun forcing people to justify their position or being forced to justify mine, so if you are looking for political or religious debate, keep looking. If you are looking for the truth in martial arts, welcome home!

Well, things change. Society changed and everything has been sucked into one side or another of the political spectrum. Politically, I am an independent. I do not see anything good that can come from seeing things through the filter that your political party tells you to use. Topics in self-defense ended up being swept into the political turmoil of our times. I keep on telling the truth as I see it. Some people get mad and some people get happy, but the truth is always the truth.

Everything contained here is nothing more than my opinion and observations. If you are offended, move on and read something else, preferably from someone else. I don’t intend to offend, but PC nonsense is stupid in that people are bullied into not speaking their minds. So again, if I offend you, read the work of someone who doesn’t challenge your position on a given topic. Also, note that if you go back to the beginning and read everything here you will find evidence to allow you to shout about my inconsistencies. My thinking evolves over time, and adhering to a given idea today does in no way guarantee that I will still have the same opinion next year. Everything changes me every day. Opinions are not the final word from anyone, and they do change. Sometimes I may be trying to spark a discussion, and at other times I am just venting. Also, being a human and having had a concussion or eleven, sometimes my memory is wrong. If you are the type to jump up and point out that I got a date or a certain chronology wrong, go sit in the corner and I will be sure you get a bouncy ball and a cookie. While eating your cookie and bouncing your ball, take a minute to ponder if your behavior is part of why you cannot get a response out of me.

Don’t take anything too seriously here.

I am usually quite sincere, but I am only rarely serious. More often than not; this causes a heap of trouble, but I come from a generation where having a sense of humor was still a thing.

As far as my training goes, it is quite varied. I have trained in Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Monkey Kung Fu, Hung Gar, Taekwondo, Taijiquan, Shotokan, and Shorin Ryu. I have been exposed to many other styles/systems as well, but only enough to know them when I see them, as opposed to having any depth of knowledge about them. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in my time working in security and as a bouncer in my younger days. I do know the subject of which I write, but in those areas where I do not know, I openly admit the lack of knowledge. I enjoy discussing all aspects of martial arts and training with real fighters and I loathe and despise the internet warrior wannabes. This attitude does tend to come out in some of my writing.

I will continue to provide my honest best effort in the articles. I tell the truth as I see it, and while there is an infrequency to my articles, this is in the interest of providing quality over quantity.

Also, these opinions are only mine and are not necessarily shared by anyone else who has either professional or personal contact with me. Again, don’t take me (or yourself for that matter) too seriously.

Once again, I thank you all who have followed my work from sifuatlarge to here, you are much appreciated and the fact that I get some emails from people who find value in what I do here more than makes up for the hateful emails from the mystical warrior monks and super ninja assassins. Keep coming around as there is going to be a lot happening! As always, you can keep up by simply subscribing and spread the word by sharing the articles you enjoy!

All that said, I hope you enjoy the website and come back often!

Anytime you wish to reach me, shoot an email to smedleymartialarts@gmail.com !

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  1. Kimber Peterson says:

    I miss you already at Austin, and school has not started yet. Gabriel is missing out on a fantastic person and teacher. I personally feel honored to have been one of your parents. Be blessed my friend. ~Kimber Peterson


    1. Wallace Smedley says:

      Many thanks for the kind words. I assure you that Austin middle school is going to be in very very good hands. The new instructor is going to be able to take those kids to new levels because of her experience and her attitude. I have already told her what wonderful students and wonderful parents she’s going to be working with and she’s very excited to get started. I will still be around a lot and I will see you at all of the events! Take care and be blessed as well!


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