NICS: Flaws and Solutions

Due in large part to the way in which people are assuming roles as if they are in a movie, my correspondence after shooting events such as Sutherland Springs, Texas tend to be one extreme or the other. On the one hand, I hear from people who say, how does it feel to advocate ownership of firearms and know that what happened could have been prevented if not for people like you. And on the other side of the debate, I hear that we need to keep up the fight because they are going to disarm us all. We need to push back until we have unrestricted access to military grade weapons to be able to outgun the crazy mass shooters.

Both sides of the gun debate are engaging in false dichotomies. The fact that the murderer in Sutherland Springs was stopped by an equally armed good guy proves that the good guy with a gun does, in fact, stop the bad guy with a gun. It proves that armed citizens can be of great community service, especially in times such as we currently live in. There is no blood on the hands of those who believe in private gun ownership, so stop emailing me such BS. An idiot who has no business being free, much less owning guns, who decides to murder people, in no way reflects a society too irresponsible to own guns.

And then there are those who claim that not only can we not allow ourselves to be disarmed (which I agree with), we need fewer restrictions on what we can own. When these people start to harp on not being allowed to own military grade weapons they lose me. I don’t believe there is a Constitutional right to keep and bear ICBM’s. I’m quite alright with preventing private citizens from owning nukes. For the most part, I believe that, if they were fully enforced, our current gun laws would be quite sufficient in preventing many tragedies, while admitting that not all tragedies can be prevented. That is one major fact that is ignored too often – nothing can be done to prevent every possible tragedy. There will always be bad people who do bad things.

Still speaking of Sutherland Springs, had everyone along the way done their part, this loser would never have been able to purchase a gun legally. He fell through some flaw in the NICS system.

So, how would we go about fixing that flaw?

I am actually of a mind that we could fix it with two simple steps. One, scrap the NICS system entirely. And two, if people cannot be trusted to live with all of our Constitutional rights in society, keep them locked up.

If we keep the status quo, which every politician wants to do because that is how they always have an issue with which to push you to vote for them at reelection time, nothing will change. Mass shootings will still happen. Since it is deeply flawed and fails to prevent guns from getting into the hands of mass shooters, the NICS  can be set aside. But if we are going to have no NICS, what do we do to keep guns out of the hands of people who cannot be trusted with them?

Simple, if you really cannot trust them to not kill people, don’t let them walk among us in society. Eliminating gun ownership will never eliminate murder. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the Nation, and they have had over 600 murders this year. I’m going to make a wild assumption that those murders were not committed by people who passed the NICS.

It is similar to what I teach in my self-defense courses. Most people in the world would never even think to hurt you intentionally. Set aside all of the cute ways in which we divide ourselves into little in-groups, the majority of people out there don’t want to hurt anyone. Most people could be handed a fully loaded firearm and have no impulse whatsoever to point and shoot at another human being. Access to firearms is not what sets any of you apart from the Sutherland Springs murderer, or the Las Vegas Murderer, or any other mass murderer. What sets you apart is being a decent human being who respects other human beings regardless of personal political, racial, or religious differences.

It is the bad people we need to address, not the tools. Bad people will find a way to do what they want. Looking at them for what they are will lead to better answers.

A special thanks to those of you who reached out and were checking on me and my Family. It will not be forgotten.

Be nice to each other.


Common Sense Gun Laws

I had a family emergency which resulted in my extended absence from this blog. I have not been ignoring the questions and emails which have come in, I was just not in any shape to do anything. While things have settled, this is a situation that cannot be cured, only endured. Those who know me personally know what happened, those who do not will, I am sure, bear with me as I try to get everything going again.

There was a horrific mass shooting in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. At the last count I have as of this writing, 26 people were murdered and another 20 were injured. The victims ranged in age from unborn to 77 years old. As might be expected in a small town, nine of the victims were from the same family. As the gunman exited the Church, he was met with fire from one of the citizens of Sutherland Springs, Stephen Wileford. Wileford shot the murderer twice, causing him to drop his rifle. The attacker then tried to escape in his vehicle. Wileford flagged down a passing motorist, Johnnie Langendorff, informed him of what had happened, and the two pursued the killer. The killer ended up as mass shooters do when confronted by opposing force – he shot himself in the head.

Without leaving any time for the families to mourn their dead, politicians and media began calls for gun control and even gun confiscation. The term common sense began to get more use, as happens after these tragedies.

But, under existing gun law, the murderer should not have been allowed to buy the guns at all. Everything that serves to prevent a person from buying a gun, this killer had. Dishonorable discharge from the military, spousal abuse, child abuse, mental health issues, and on and on. No one, from your most blue liberal to the reddest conservative would want someone like this guy to be able to purchase firearms.

Here is a fact that is ignored; the bad guy attacked with an AR-15 style weapon, and was stopped by a good guy with an AR-15 style firearm. Having an AR type weapon put the good guy on equal footing with the bad guy, and bad guys hate that. When confronted by an equal force, the bad guys tend to get very suicidal. This was a case of the bad guy with a gun being stopped by a good guy with a gun, writ large. Proof positive that there are gun owners who do not want to hurt anyone, but will definitely take out the bad guy when and if the time comes.

While politicians wring their hands and say we must do something the simple facts are screaming an answer. If we enforce existing laws, and if we start to look seriously at the mental health factor in these crimes, we can start to make progress. While personal responsibility seems to be an almost quaint idea from a bygone era, we need to be honest enough to admit that the individuals who kill are the ones who should be blamed, and not our society, or the tools which the sickos use.

I am at a point right now where I am having a very hard time pretending that trivialities are important. So please take this as it is, coming from my heart. Be nice to one another, look out for each other, hug those you love, tell them that you love them even if you think they grow tired of hearing it, be there when they need you, live as an example to the world, dampen your angry talk, ignore hateful people, don’t escalate violent talk, be quick to forgive, and if the bad guy shows up to harm the innocents in any way, do what needs to be done. Do the right thing, even when there are easier and safer choices. You will never regret doing the right thing.

Vegas: Conspiracies, Doubts, and Lies

After a good number of questions coming in following my thoughts on the attack in Las Vegas with an up-front lean toward accepting one or another of the many conspiracy “theories”, I have opted to put some thoughts together on this, and hopefully in some small way get people focused back on the truth instead of the fantasy.

In our culture of instant gratification, it is expected, I suppose, that people might want answers to certain questions sooner than such answers can be had. Idle minds are apt to create a story where no such story exists.

Adding to the problem is the social media fame-seeking issue. People who want desperately to be seen as relevant take any path they see as controversial in order to increase likes and follows.

Lives were lost. That is a reality that we must not forget. Using tragedies for increasing your own fame is sub-human behavior.

By far, the most frequently repeated conspiracy theory involves the idea that there was more than one shooter. They are basing this on the known fact of more than twenty guns in the hotel room, and adjustments to the timeline of the event as reported by Law Enforcement.

All conspiracy theories have to use facts which will then be interpreted in favor of the theory. They ignore that they are looking to support a foregone conclusion. The problem is that this is no way to find the truth.

So, let’s begin with the multiple gun issue.

Why would one man have so many guns in the room? There had to have been more than one shooter with that many weapons there? Right?!?!?!


Any semi-automatic weapon is engineered from the start to be a semi-automatic weapon. Ask anyone who knows anything at all about bump-fire stocks and they will tell you that it absolutely causes a drastic increase in the number of malfunctions you will have. Some of these malfunctions can be cleared easily, some leave the weapon inoperable. The killer obviously knew this, hence the many weapons. He intended to kill a lot of people, and knew he would not have a lot of time to clear a jammed rifle or fix a malfunction, so he opted for swapping out a jammed rifle for a different one.

See! There is a perfectly logical explanation available that does not resort to the conspiracy justifications.

But, but, but…why does the official timeline of the event keep changing?

There are two factors at play here, and in all honesty, I do not know which one is having the bigger influence on the slow information and the changing timeline. So, I will just give you these two things to think about: lawsuits and pressure.

It should not need to be pointed out, but everyone is going to get sued. The hotel, the city, the concert promoter – anyone with any connection to the area on the night of October 1st is going to be sued. This fact will slow the information coming from the hotel and any other potentially sued party to Law Enforcement.

Law Enforcement is under pressure from the media and the public to start giving answers. They are still going through the investigation process, but people feel they have a right to know now. Even before Law Enforcement has the answers.

I would advise anyone who will listen, please calm down. It is better for the investigation to end up with the right answer than it is for them to give you what you want to hear. I have watched every video I can find that was taken while the shooting was happening and I can find nothing to make me think that more than one gun was being fired at the same time. I have even watched the video and listened to the audio from people who think there was audio proof. It simply isn’t there. My number of subscribers and the number of shares would increase incredibly if I were willing to promote some of the conspiracy theories floating around, especially if I were to make one of my own so I could be the “journalist” who “breaks the story”, but I am not like that. Calm down, drink a chamomile tea, and wait while the professionals do their job.

Be nice to each other, things are rough out there right now.                                    

Left-Handed Shooting in a Right-Handed World

There are many guns on the market that have certain ambidextrous features. There are some that have interchangeable options for the left-handed shooter. And there are some designed specifically for lefties. Those guns designed for the left-handed were far and away out of my price range. Nothing that appealed to me had the left-handed options.

In terms of handguns, I have a revolver which had no options other than to learn to use it as-is, and a semi-auto which had some options to reverse to make it easier for me. I did research how to change out the magazine release on the Walther Creed. But in the end, I opted to leave it the way it came.

Every new shooter has ideas of certain tactical practice. Although I might have been the oldest new shooter, I was not immune to the thoughts of the tactical.  Being left-handed, purchasing the Smith and Wesson 686 allowed me to dive into the world of adapting to a gun designed for a right-handed person.

At first, I tried to release the cylinder by pressing the latch with my left thumb.20171014_162737   This posed several problems. Not the least of which was the instability of the weapon in my hand. I was able to release the cylinder, but there was, especially later into the range time, the problem of a very hot cylinder rolling out onto my index finger. I tried several different hand positions for using this technique, but none of them did anything to decrease the time it took for me to eject the spent shells and reload.

So, I gave up on making the revolver work the way a lefty might want it to work, and instead put my focus on making myself adapt to what I needed to do to properly and efficiently use the firearm. Now I use the following technique:


I carefully switch hands. I shift the gun into my right hand, use my right thumb to press the latch, swing out the cylinder, tip the gun up and press the ejection rod to drop the spent brass.

Is it as fast as a righty might perform a reload? Certainly not. But I can say that I am not terribly slow at this either. And after so much practice, this method requires no thought.

Good safety practices must still prevail. But with time and practice, a left-handed person can use the standard reloading practices with the only modification being the passing of the gun from one hand to the other.

The semi-auto was another story. It gave me the very tempting option of changing the magazine release to allow me to press it with my left thumb.

I chose not to make the change, after a lot of thought both ways on the idea. In the end, I suppose prompted partially by my adapting to the revolver, that I would just adapt to the way the Creed was built. There were two ideas that really sealed the deal for me in the end. In speaking with a Police Officer friend of mine, two very important considerations came up. One, I am the only lefty in my house. And two, why would I train myself into a position of rendering my training useless in the event things go to hell and I need to pick up someone else’s gun to defend myself and/or others?

So, my Walther is still designed for a right-handed person. I simply made these additions to my reload or malfunction clearing:


The first step I use is to press the magazine release with my index finger. This was a simple adjustment and in a short amount of time, anyone could turn this into a habit.


Next, turn the ejection port down. In the event of a jam, you want to avoid any hand positioning that might press a misfired or improperly ejected shell into the gun’s interior. Having the ejection port facing down allows gravity to be your friend.

From here it is a simple matter of placing a new magazine into the gun, rack the slide, and you are back in business.

This may not be official or common practice, but it is what I do and it works for me. I prefer the thought that if I fall, my Wife would be able to pick up the gun and use it normally and without her trying to make adjustments she had not trained for. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

The Lies of the Gun Control Crowd

**This is a post I started before the attack in Las Vegas. I have made some edits to it since then and present it here* By default, what follows is political in nature in the U.S. The issue of firearms and gun control has been so distorted by politicians that well-meaning and intelligent people are prone to regurgitating the lies which they have been spoon-fed by their ill-intentioned ruling class. I mean no insult to people who have been deceived, it is not their fault. However, I see a need for people to speak the truth whenever possible because education is the only answer to misinformation. If you know the truth and continue to spread the lies, then you are a liar like them. 

The political left in America has a fetish for disarming law-abiding citizens. They tend to disguise their intentions behind phrases such as common-sense gun laws to paint anyone opposed to their argument as somehow lacking common sense. I have friends on the political left, and they are well-educated and well-intentioned people. I have no doubt that they mean well, but there are some canned arguments that get on my nerves because they are based on lies told by politicians and newspeople with an agenda. Before I begin, for those new here, I was raised to be afraid of guns and was in my 40s before I fired a gun for the first time. I know both sides of the debate well – dating back to a time when there was an actual debate, as opposed to the shouting of falsehoods and regurgitated misinformation. I am not passing myself off as a spokesman for the NRA, just a law-abiding gun owner who is sick of the lies people tell in this argument. Here are some of the worst I hear and see frequently.

Lie: Gun Show Loophole

The tale of the gun show loophole is that if you go to a gun show, you can walk in and buy a gun without a background check. There is no such loophole. Where this one started was that there is, in some States, no requirement for a gun owner to put a buyer through a background check before he or she can sell their gun to a buyer from the same State, provided he has no reasonable suspicion that the buyer would be unable to pass a background check. These laws vary throughout the Country, so be sure you check the regulations where you live before buying a gun from your Uncle Fred. But the fact of the matter regarding the Gun Show Loophole is that there isn’t one. If you purchase a gun at a gun show, you will still need to fill out the NICS form before the FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) can allow you to assume possession of the firearm. No loophole.

Lie: Buying a Gun on the Internet Requires NO Background Check

In this lie, the idea is that I can go to Buds Gunshop (or any other online firearms seller) and order a gun without the background check. And they get away with this lie because the first part of the transaction has no background check – the part where you place your order and pay the company. But when you actually do this, the gun is not shipped to you. Write that down, it’s important. The gun you just bought will be shipped to someone who is a FFL. When they receive the shipment, they will contact you, you will go to them and da-da-dadaaa, fill out the NICS paperwork for the background check.

Lie: Restricting Access to Firearms Reduces Crime

Look at the prohibitive nature of the gun laws in Chicago and Baltimore (just for a quick example), and see that this is an intentional lie. I wrote about the misleading nature of the reported “Gun Violence” numbers before, and this falls into the same category. People such as me, who follow the law, will do what we need to do to stay legal. If they tell me I cannot have “high-capacity magazines”, even when the politicians mistakenly call them “clips”, I will follow the law as will those other law-abiding gun owners. But criminals have no such code. The criminals carry firearms as much for self-preservation as for tilting the odds in their favor when committing a crime. Look at who they spend their time with – other criminals! Of course they feel the need for self-preservation. The difference is that they see no need to follow the rule of law. Restricting access to firearms and sufficient ammunition only affects those who actually follow the law.

Lie: No one needs an Assault Rifle

To start addressing this lie, people need to understand that the oh so dreaded AR-15 is not Assault Rifle 15. The AR stands for Armalite Rifle. Armalite is the company that manufactures this particular firearm. It also is distorted by some as meaning automatic rifle.

Quick lesson for those (there are some) who do not know: automatic means you squeeze the trigger and the gun will fire and cycle a new round and fire that one over and over until you release the trigger or run out of ammo. Whereas, semi-auto means you will have to squeeze the trigger each time you want to fire a round. AR-15s are semi-auto.

Now, this lie begins from a false premise. “Needs” was never a part of the equation. In life we have needs – shelter, water, food.

In the U.S.A. the 2nd Amendment protects what is classified as inalienable rights. Not inalienable needs. This is where people tend to be really misled. The Bill of Rights, which is the first ten amendments to the Constitution are those rights that belong to a free people which are to be protected by the government which derives its power from the consent of the governed. The government does not grant these rights, they are there without government. I do not want to turn this into a history lesson, and in order to stay within the scope of our intended subject, understand that in the manner in which the U.S. Constitution is written, the restrictions are on the government, not the people. The government has a specific role, and the people limit the government.

In speaking of needs, on that same topic – when I am told that no one needs an AR-15, I respond that no one needs to be vegan, drive a Prius, Vape, or watch MSNBC. But this does not mean that people cannot do these things. Most people who would purchase an AR-15 have no intention whatsoever of ever pointing at a human. And while people freak over the way it looks so tactical, it is a military style weapon in use by no military that I am aware of. The tacti-cool look is what makes it so marketable. But it is a lot less powerful than many of the other available rifles on the market.

Lie: Australia had no mass shootings after their gun confiscation

I find seven separate mass shootings in Australia in less than four minutes into a quick google search since the gun confiscation. It only managed to disarm those who wanted to stay legal. Although Australia is pointed to by the political left in America as a shining example of the success of gun control, they leave out the facts. One important fact is that there have been mass shootings since the confiscation.

Lie: The United States is the only industrialized nation with our level of gun violence

I wrote about the lie of U.S. gun violence. Click the link or understand the short form – this one is a bald-faced lie. This is the typical slight-of-hand that people with no basis for their argument will use.


In closing, I want to make clear that those of us who like owning guns understand the feeling of wanting to do something about acts of terror such as the Las Vegas attack. But we see that emotion-based decision making is bad policy. You will never stop crime by disarming the good people. The terrible truth is that we can never prevent every bad person intent on murder. But until the dialogue is honest and in good faith, no progress at all will be made.

A Lie Agreed Upon

In the aftermath of a tragedy, such as the horrible attack in Las Vegas, we seem to all agree upon a lie.

Our politicians and our media are clearly disconnected from the facts of our everyday lives. They do not see what is in plain sight of everyone willing to open their eyes and see. Anyone paying attention can see that this is absolutely not a nation of racism and hate, but seeing this is in direct contradiction to the news and social media evaluation of our society.

For nearly a decade, our Police have been demonized. Lie after lie was promoted. When proven to be false, the media would find a new lie and promote it. In their drive for ratings, they failed to see that they were promoting hate. Or, possibly, they did not care. Living outside of their bubble, it is hard for me to tell. I’m just a philosopher, I get confused sometimes.

Add social media to the mix. The mentally weak people, the sick people, and the violent-prone people are fed a nonstop diet of hate. The most disrespectful and idiotic behavior is given the most likes and shares. People push the envelope hoping for something they do or say to become viral.

The threats of violence escalate. People openly call for someone to commit acts of violence for them. They toy with different ways of expressing violent actions in order to coin a new viral phrase in hopes of a trending hashtag. They carry threats of violence closer and closer to the edge, and one is often left with the sense that they actually enjoy seeing people they disagree with suffer and squirm and alter their lives because of the threat of violence.

Yet we are surprised when violence happens.

Aren’t we?

Well, I think we must be surprised beyond belief. Because after violence happens we start another round of hand-wringing and fretting about how we have to do SOMETHING. And then all of the ideas put forward by our betters in Washington end up being things that would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the event which shocked us so.

Currently, the banter in Washington following the horrible attack in Las Vegas has politicians discussing the banning of bump stocks. I am going to be honest and tell you that I had heard of bump stocks before but really knew little about them. They are an available accessory to the so-called “assault rifles” that can make a semi-auto shoot almost like a fully auto. I remember noticing a change in the rate of fire when watching the many films of the Las Vegas attack, but I didn’t know that was a tell-tale sign of a bump stock. Experts probably knew immediately that this was not a military-grade weapon being used, but I confess I did not. My rifle experience right now is limited to lever-action cowboy-style guns.

I have a lot of gun-enthusiast friends, but I have not known any of them to even own a bump stock. The gun friends I have are more interested in things like accuracy. If you want your accuracy to go down, go fully automatic. If you want clean accurate shots and tight grouping, stay semi-auto.

Ban bump stocks. Okay. The issue then becomes, what next? Because I can tell you, if someone wants to kill a bunch of people, lack of access to a bump stock is not going to deter them. Look at the many terror attacks in Europe, where they have no 2nd Ammedment. The terrorists use big trucks and knives and illegally obtained guns to murder. When the objective is murder, the details do not matter to those who are sick enough to go that route.

The difference between you and the people who commit these murderous acts is simple- if I gave you my rifle, fully loaded and also gave you a box of ammunition, would your first impulse be to kill a bunch of people? No? Good! We can still be friends.

There is nothing you can do to prevent a sicko from trying to kill a bunch of people if that is what he has decided to do. We lie to ourselves when we pretend there is an answer that will prevent these incidents. Ban all guns, they will use knives and swords. Ban knives and swords, they will use trucks and rocks. Ban trucks and rocks, they will use tall buildings and…

When we agree to lie to ourselves, this does not make the lie suddenly become a truth, it is still just a lie. We all want to feel better after a tragedy. But in a search for answers, we should not neglect the truth. If we could stop demonizing one another, and rediscover the now lost art of honest dialogue, we could all work toward ideas to make these hateful acts less frequent.

Las Vegas Attack

I woke up this morning, the occasion of my 48th birthday, to read about the terrible events which happened in Las Vegas last night.

At about 10:00 PM the shooting began. Just before 11:30 the Las Vegas Police gained entry into the shooter’s room and found him dead of a self-inflicted shot. During the elapsed time he murdered 59 people and injured over 500 others.

As I watched the different films of the attack, I noticed that there was a differing rate of fire, but that this was clearly automatic weapon fire, not semi-auto. One burst of nonstop fire had just over 100 rounds. He was firing from the 32nd floor of the hotel, downward at an outdoor concert.

Just like clockwork, the sub-human scum politicians started trying to score political points by playing on fears.

I studied. I watched video after video of the event, asking myself what could be done.

In the end, the real answer is that beyond running for cover, there is nothing that could be done. A sicko with fully automatic weapons shooting people from 32 floors up is going to need to be taken out on the 32nd floor.

While our celebrities and pro athletes slander our Law Enforcement at every turn, the Police did what they do – they went toward the source of the gunfire. Had the loser not taken his own life, they would have put an end to his killing spree, even if they had to throw him out of the window to do it. And they risk their lives knowing that there will still be those who hate and slander and lie about them. They are the heroes.

Some people have asked about this event and how to handle this type of active shooter. The only answer I have is that there is no way to be 100% safe. You do still need to live your life. This type of event is, in its details, unpredictable. Broadly speaking, in a society where vitriol is spewed from every source, where we are told that those who disagree with our political outlook are our enemies, where social media makes crazy people crazier by encouraging rage, and where people view likes and follows as a real form of validation which pushes and rewards further and further asinine behavior, violence is inevitable. I know of no active shooter course that would have helped in this situation. Learn the sound of gunfire. Learn the difference between cover and concealment.

And for crying out loud, learn to be nice to each other.