Do Something Worth Remembering

We had to make the trek down to Houston today. Anyone who knows me knows that Houston is not my favorite place. I’m the guy who posted once that “Happiness is Houston Texas in my rearview mirror.” But since we had no choice about going, we decided to make the most of it.

We drove out to La Porte, a place of significant historical value in the history of Texas. Look it up, it’s cool stuff!

Anyway, we took a trip to the beach near the hotel. I noticed some footprints in the sand. In short order they were being wiped out as the Gulf of Mexico lapped at the shore.

I was struck by a thought.

Too many of us create no lasting positive impact with the time we have on earth. Instead, we choose to be like footprints in the sand on the shoreline.

So how do you create a lasting impact?

Start with an honest assessment of your real talents. What do you really do best? How can you use that to better the lives of the people around you? Why aren’t you already doing it? What is holding you back?

Often you will find that what you think is holding you back is simply an excuse.

Make that difference now. You don’t know how long you have. Or, as Buddha put it, “The problem is, you think you have time.”

Don’t make excuses, make a difference. Now.


  1. L3n says:

    Well said

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  2. Zoe Smith says:

    Great blog post! I’m always struck by how fleeting our time on earth is, and I’m always trying to find ways to make a positive impact. How do you think creating a lasting impact is possible?

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    1. I think continually and consistently trying to make lives better for those people around us. Find your strengths and abilities and build on those to make a difference every day.


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