The Weight of the World

I had the chance to take some time away. It was needed, and it have me a new perspective.

For a start, we went to the State that I long to call home, Colorado. We spent a few days wandering the awe inspiring sights around Colorado Springs. My new favorite place on earth is the Garden of the Gods. The first day we were there the temperature was 95° F. As we were checking out in the gift shop the guy behind the register asked where we were from and I answed Dallas Texas. He asked what brought us to Colorado Springs and I said cooler weather. He laughed and said that the heat was killing him, and I told him truthfully that the temperature the day before we left home was 113° F. I said that 95° in the mountain air was almost sweater weather.

The second day we went out to hike in Garden of the Gods a front had blown through and the temperature was in the low 70s. As I wandered with no plan and nowhere to be, I was able to just let myself stand in awe of nature and nature’s God. A lot in my mind and perspective changed that morning.

The Weight of the World

I tend to put myself in a position of being responsible for more than I am in actuality. I study subjects that would make normal people turn away in fear.  I take debates over my position on certain topics seriously, even when I find myself debating someone who is parroting talking points that they heard or read without any personal insight.

By way of an easy example, guns. The debates with anti gun people are pointless because the anti gun people start from a position of dishonesty. They go into the discussion with no regard for facts. So I will no longer engage in any conversations with them. I’m not stressing over them or their asinine emails.

And further, I will no longer be drawn into writing about things I don’t want to write about. I freely admit that I let this happen far too often and it will not be happening anymore. This is just one aspect, but I think that as things progress much of my new perspective will become clear.

Moving Forward

I will be posting weekly, to the best of my ability. I am going to write what I want. Not being politically correct, people will probably get offended from time to time. Maybe I will get fewer death threats by not engaging the trolls, who knows, who cares.

I guess all of this means I’m back. Whatever that means and for whatever it is worth. So, stop by once a week, or subscribe to get notified when there is new content. Books will be coming soon as well. A huge thank you to those of you who have stuck around while I struggled through the toughest stretch of my life.