Essential Ingredients: Willingness

In the late 1980’s I was working on a construction site as a part of a masonry crew. I was a teen at the time. The scaffolding was…we will┬ájust say that it was not set in any way that would be approved by even a drunk safety inspector. There was a stack of 2X12 in….

Essential Ingredients: Toughness

Some elements of real safety are talked about so much that people get tired of hearing about it. I remember losing several subscribers after publishing an article on awareness. Nevermind that if you don’t know what’s going on around you, you have zero chance of defending yourself against it. But there are other elements, essential…

Pigeonholes and Othering

In our time, people have begun a dangerous practice of self-segregation. Of course, this is not what it is called, as that would be too honest, and one thing our society will not tolerate is honesty. It seems innocent enough in the way it is presented and practiced. To start things rolling, we are not…

“What’s Up With the Guns?”

During a recent conversation with one of my adult students, there was a question that came up. “I saw the change in the title of your Facebook page. ‘Martial arts, sharp things, and guns.’ What’s up with the guns?” Now, my student accepted my answer and moved on to another topic without missing a beat….

When Students Leave for Good

I am facing the truth that a couple of my long-term students are about to go off to college, and I am facing the fact that there is no telling when I will see them again. This is a post based on the random thoughts that I tried to bring into something resembling a blog…