A Texan walks into a bar with a sword on his hip…

…and gets arrested.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

There has been a lot of talk about the changes to Texas law concerning larger knives. I wrote an article recently on the subject, as I am excited that in Texas, the Bowie knife will no longer be considered illegal. Mostly. We have been allowed to purchase and own them, but we had to leave them at home.

There have been headlines like “Texas slashes knife restrictions” and so on. In some of the Left leaning websites, there was a certain disrespect being shown to those who would be happy about these changes. They included talk of carrying a spear everywhere and strapping a katana on their hip.

The old knife rules will still apply if you will be carrying a blade in certain places. Nothing over 5.5″ at schools, places of worship, or 51% establishments (businesses where 51% or more of their income is from the sale of alcohol). If you decide to bring a restricted knife into these places, it is a Class C Misdemeanor. All that I can find on this is there is a fine of up to $500, but no mention of jail time.


Kershaw Black Horse (My EDC)


For me, this is all pretty simple. I can, and will, continue to carry my EDC knife. On occasions where it will be legal and venues where it will not scare the sheep, I might dust off the Bowie. The swords will be staying at home because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of busybodies thinking that they need to cause problems for me because of choosing to exercise the new laws which go into effect on September 1st of this year. However, for actual legal advice, consult an attorney. But please remember, just because it is legal to carry does not mean that someone will not call the Police. Be smart. One look at the sad state of our society as it stands should be enough to tell you that someone is going to have a problem with you carrying something that they don’t think you need to carry. And that sucks because I really want to carry my Gurkha Kukri every day.

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Tacti-cool or Practi-cool

A couple of years ago, my Wife purchased a cane for me. I didn’t need one at the time, but it was a safe bet that I would like it because it was no ordinary cane, it was an ax cane!

Ever so Tacti-cool!

The edge is sharp as heck and the polymer construction makes it very sturdy. It is awesome! Even with the changes coming to laws here in Texas, this will still be illegal to take with me anywhere. Also, any of my Texas people who are overly excited about the law change, please note it is a little more complicated than it sounds. You still won’t be able to go everywhere you want with a Bowie knife on your hip. More on that in the coming weeks though…

As you know, provided you read this blog, I have had a couple of episodes of gout. Gout is no joke, the pain is really terrible, and depending on the joint affected, mobility becomes a challenge.

Obviously, working in a school, the Tacti-cool cane was out of the question. So, a hobbly trip to Wal-Mart and I had a much less cool cane, but much more useful.

Not cool at all, but…


Sometimes you have to be realistic. Even when you want to be stubborn.

In the event I needed to protect myself or my Family, I would be able to hurt someone really bad with the ax, but would definitely be stopped by the Police before any such incident occurred. While inflicting severe damage to a bad guy with the practical cane would be more difficult, it is still doable, no one will think twice if they see me hobbling around with it. I will just look old. And grumpy.

Sometimes we need to look at practicality and opt for the less cool looking option. And while I am on the subject, trying to look tactical will just get you some attention, and probably not the kind of attention you want.

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Prioritize Reality

Recently I wrote an article and mentioned, just as an example, the way martial artists will bicker over minutia such as the proper way an attacker will hold a knife. This led to some follow-up emails. Most were friendly, some were whatta ya mean by this? 

So, I want to address this in a little more detail today. I hope some find this helpful!

When you attend a self-defense class, you might spend some time working on defense against a knife attack. There are two ways that they will emphasize the attacker’s grasp on the knife.

Hand Under the Blade


Hand Over the Blade


As to which option will be used by the dreaded untrained attacker, well, that changes from school to school. I suppose it matters what school the attacker was untrained in. Edges are sharp and points are pointy. If the person holding the knife knows this, they can cut, stab, and possibly kill you. I had lunch once with a professed knife expert who managed to scatter corn all over the table as he struggled to cut it off of the cob. When I sliced the corn off of the cob on my plate and lost no kernels at all, he asked me, in utter amazement, how I did that. I told him that I let the knife to do the heavy lifting. He gave a confused look and continued talking about his amazing skills. But, I digress.

By the time the knife is in your line of sight, you have either not been paying attention, or you have missed all of those exit signs on the highway to hell.

Here is where my red flags are:

Nothing in my Hands (I Promise)


When you can’t see both hands, you need to do something. Exactly what that is will depend on you and your training, but this is the point to focus your attention on. I want to be able to see both of your hands. To me, if one is hidden, you are a threat until I know otherwise.

This is why I say that the arguments over hand positioning of the knife are trivialities. There are a series of events leading up to that moment, and until you reach a certain point, there are opportunities to turn things around.

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