Old School RULES!

My workout yesterday was really quite basic, I did stepping front kicks around the track, two laps or ½ mile, whichever you prefer to call it. I call it half mile, and I call it weak.

Years ago, doing a mile of front, side, round and crescent kicks was just a part of my training. Me and a couple of people from the TKD school would meet up at the track behind Crockett HS in Austin and pick a kick to do for one mile.

Then we would do it, and go into the park for some no pads sparring.

Yesterday, some of these memories were rolling around in my head, and I decided to do a mile of front kicks. Well, it turns out that a mile is a little further than it used to be, at least to these old bones. I called it off at a half mile.

From the excuse department, it was 98˚ and I was wearing 14 oz. canvas. I do not think these are good enough excuses to say that the mile of kicks is out of reach. It is within reach, to be perfectly honest. I may be “doing miles” by the end of next week.

Old school RULES!