Why not put it here?

                Yesterday I went through the following workout:

Warm Up:

 Jumping Jacks – 1 minute

 Push ups – 1 minute

Sit ups – 1 minute

Running in place – 1 minute

On the warm up exercises I am using a time limit instead of counting because I find that for me I am more motivated when I challenge myself to do as many as possible in the time I provide to get them done.

Stretching: I am amazed that I am able to do a full splits still. Of course it is a completely useless skill, but find it humorous that a forty year old fat man can do the full splits. I vary my stretching routine daily to prevent boredom.

Heavy Bag

3 Two minute rounds, one minute rest in between. The heavy bag was once my best friend, and is becoming so again. I need the heavy bag because of the contact. Without heavy contact, you are playing martial arts and not doing martial arts.

Forms: Many modern martial artists do not like forms, but I still love them. There is a feeling of connectedness (is that really a word? If so, it is an awkward word) to times long gone when I practice forms. Although I am not doing every form that I know every day, I pick a few ahead of time and work them into the workout.

Pinan 1 – 5 one time each (I am not as good with them as I was in the past, but they are improving each time I do them). I may be switching over to the Pinans for my KSK students. For my workouts I prefer them to the TKD forms, but that is just a personal choice.

Gung Ji (Two Times)

Fu Hok (one time)

Iron Thread (one time)

Weapons: Lately I have been working the butterfly swords. I grew tired of the staff and was deeply missing the blade work, so I got into my butterfly swords again. I swear my forearms look swollen by the end of the training session!

                Anyway, this is an example of what I am doing to combat my terminal laziness and get some of this excess lard off of me.