An update

                To be honest, I had truly intended to keep updates on my workout and weight loss progress here. I really did. I have nothing to hide, and my life is truly an open book.

                However, I did not want to disrupt the overall feel and look of this site, so I am posting updates and workout info on my facebook. My friends understand.

                As a final note here, I did not hit the 295 mark by the intended date, but I did get there nonetheless. My workouts are going well. I had spent nearly a year doing nothing but one form and one staff form. It was part of what got me to the highest weight of my life. I had somehow gotten to the point where I would do a section of a form, and then sit and watch a film of it and “study”. It was probably the biggest mistake of my martial arts career, but it was not a serious mistake, only stupid.

                Just a hint to the in depth application crowd out there – that part may be classified as study, but it is hardly training.

                So what I changed to was doing things to make me sweat. I am doing a mix of Hung Gar and some Okinawan kata as the forms part of my workout. Forms are great for getting that heart rate up and getting warmed up. I follow this with actual training. Heavy bag work, sparring when I have someone to spar and my bad knee and my worse knee are willing to cooperate.

                In short, I am getting back to my martial arts roots.

                I have to admit, I am feeling my age a lot more right now than I was. To be honest, even at 311 lbs., I really didn’t feel all that bad. I feel a lot more tired now, but a feeling I have managed to recapture is that near addiction to sore muscles that was such a driving force in my twenties.

                It is good.

                My weight is coming off slowly, but they tell me that is the best way.