Top 5 Impractical Guns (That I Want Anyway)

Today I am going to offer my Top Five Impractical Guns that I want anyway. The guns on this list are guns that have some sort of appeal to me, in spite of being impractical for one reason or another. Here is my list:

5. The Kentucky Long Rifle

This is the gun that won the Revolutionary War. While the British were using the true muskets, Americans were using the first true rifles. Known as the Kentucky Long Rifle, or more simply, the Long Rifle, it had advantages over the musket. The rifled barrel forced the projectile to spin, resulting in greater accuracy. The lighter caliber (50 cal is still no joke) allowed for greater range as well. The accuracy was what allowed the Americans to target enemy officers, as opposed to the standard volley fire which had no real target. I love the history of the gun, and if I can ever get my hands on one, I will add it to the collection!

4. Cap and Ball Black Powder Revolver

The next on my list of Top Five Impractical Guns that I want anyway is a cap and ball revolver. They take a lot of time to load, as as such they are very impractical. But, much as with the Kentucky Long Rifle, there is the appeal of nostalgia. Some companies are producing some very good replicas of the original cap and ball Colts. I have not yet been able to justify the money it would take to own one, because of the nature of the gun, it would probably be sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall. But, I don’t know. There is something about them that really makes me want to have one.

3. Double Barrel 12 Gauge Handgun

Why would anyone want a wrist-breaker like this? I can’t explain it. There is something very cool about the 12 Gauge Double Barrel handgun. I know it would be impractical to carry, not wise for self-defense, and hard to justify having in your possession at all in certain circumstances. I love it anyway. Because of its cool factor it makes my list of the top five impractical guns that I want anyway.

2. 45-70 Revolver

A revolver chambered in 45-70 Government? Yep, they exist, and they are badass. And I want one. Out of all of the guns on my list of the top five impractical guns that I want anyway, this one has been on the list the longest. I own a hunting rifle chambered in 45-70, a lever action baddie and I love the round, punishing as it is. But to have that in a hand cannon revolver? Yes and please! This is another wrist breaker, but I love this gun!

  1. Mare’s Leg

The lever-action handgun is not practical in any way, shape, or form. My appreciation of this gun most likely stems from being a fan of Wanted Dead or Alive reruns that I watched religiously while growing up. But, in spite of whatever impracticalities this gun has, I place it number one on my list of the top five impractical guns that I want anyway. I love a lever-action. The gun would make a great truck gun. I would want one chambered in .357 Magnum because that is a round I already buy, but would take it in any caliber if I am being honest.

There you have it, my list of the top five impractical guns that I want anyway! Let me know what you think. Did I miss something, or is something on this list practical and I just didn’t see it? As always, likes and shares are always appreciated!