Why Are Pro-Gun People Against “Universal Background Checks”?

What follows is based on an answer I gave to a friend on why pro-gun rights folk are so dead-set against the cute sounding “Universal Background Checks” that are yet again being presented as a “common-sense” gun control measure that will “save lives”.

Here is the basic rejection, we already have background checks on all gun purchases. If I go to a gun store, or a gun show, or an online firearms dealer, I will have to pass the NICS background check before I can physically take possession of the firearm. The “universal” thing that they want to add is the background check on any and all firearms transfers.

Suppose I want to give one of my guns to one of my Daughters for her own self-protection. With “universal background checks”, I would have to have one of my own kids go through the check or we would both be committing a felony.

And here is the real problem, the “universal background check” wouldn’t really do anything to stop crimes. Criminals get their guns through other means, or they are legally obtaining firearms and committing first time offenses.

The shootings in Atlanta are a prime example. The killer targeted Asian massage parlors, and most of the victims were Asian women. He obtained his firearms legally, and nothing in his background

Did the news media launch a National dialogue on the human trafficking and modern day slavery that allows these places to operate? No, it was all white supremacy and racism and gun control. The killer himself said it was about sexual addiction and his own inability to stop frequenting these places, but the news media didn’t care, they ran with the Asian Hate narrative and pushed yet another excuse for “common-sense” gun control measures.

As is clear from the Atlanta shootings, universal background checks would not have stopped this attack. But this is part of the plan, because the background checks mean nothing without a National gun registry, a list of every gun in the U.S.A., who has them, and where they are.

But, the gun registry does absolutely nothing to prevent crime. What it does is allow the politicians to come back, yet again, and say, “Well, gun violence is still happening, so we have to take up all of the guns.” Only this time, they will have a list of who has them and where they are. Confiscation becomes easy.

This is why pro-gun people are against universal background checks. It will not solve anything and it opens the door to making everything worse.