Review: Survive a Shooting by Alain Burrese

Before I begin today, I want to first be up-front with everyone. I have known Alain for quite some time via electronic correspondence. Have not yet met face-to-face, but I know from his video instruction, as well as our in-depth conversations, that he really knows his stuff. He is just about as honest and as helpful as anyone could ever ask. Several years ago, when I was putting together my online self-defense course which was offered free of charge, I approached several people about contributing something to the course. When I asked Alain, I had his video contribution the next day. He did so knowing full well that the only compensation would be gratitude. I will also state that I was not asked to do this review.


Survive a Shooting is a very important book. No matter the name we give the topic, active shooter, workplace violence, terrorist attack, it all boils down to someone killing people in a soft-target zone.

Because these murderers choose areas where they are going to be better armed than their victims, the simple fact is that planning to hide until the Police arrive is as bad as having no plan at all. Step one to surviving these attacks, if you are to have any chance at all, is to have a plan.

Survive a Shooting provides you with a ton of information that will help you to formulate your plan. Working, as I do, in the self-defense industry, there is little new under the sun. I have spent decades learning from some of the best in the world and claim some brilliant minds as being among my Professors. But still, I learned a lot from this book. You will too.

Another aspect that I really appreciated about Survive a Shooting is the way in which it did not waste time. There are many ways that a writer can fill in a few extra pages with nonessential information typically intended to push the fact that the author knows what they are talking about, or why their view is superior. Alain didn’t do this. He got right on point and stayed there. I appreciate things like that.

I need to add a word on style. I don’t care how much new information a writer adds to a book, if their writing style is unreadable, then no one will learn a thing. Alain’s writing style is professional but still very readable. And that is a good thing because what he is teaching in this book is so much more important than how to properly throw a reverse punch. This information can save lives. Buy this book, study it, and learn. I wholeheartedly give it my highest recommendation.

Five stars.