Cobra Kai!

This is the first of my reviews section. I will be reviewing books, martial arts related shows (when they turn up), and various self-defense weapons and products. I have taken a break from some of the heavier topics I have covered lately and even taken a break from the news. Those projects are ongoing but will be moved to the back burner. I need a break. This time around, I am sharing my thoughts on the Youtube Original series Cobra Kai!

A couple of things before I start. First, I am certainly a little bit behind on this. Binge watching is not among my skill sets. Neither is making a quick decision that involves spending money. Yes, I know that Youtube Premium is a little over $10 per month, but I had a hard time convincing myself to actually pay for Youtube. So after much internal back and forth, I opted to sign up for it, just to be able to see if Cobra Kai would be worth it. I admit I was just about hooked on the series after watching the two free episodes on Youtube. I will not be going into anything in the territory of spoilers, even though I am sure that I am probably the last person who saw season one.

For those of you who, like me, were in your teens when the original Karate Kid movie came out, and especially if you were a fan of the movie, this series will hit you with nonstop nostalgia. It has incredibly cheesy moments, some good 80s music, and they took the time to play with character depth. The entire season one story was interesting. At times it was predictable, but it never stopped being fun. The direct way in which it showed the huge contrast between the world of the original movie and our modern world was genius, in my opinion. I have personally had moments when students were saying things, and I thought about how different the world I grew up in was compared to the one we have now. This series openly, directly, and irreverently displayed these differences. I loved it. Previously unused footage of well-known scenes in the original movie was an awesome surprise as well.

In the end, I see no reason to pay for Youtube month after month. That said, I will cough up the fee when season two is released. Season one was awesome, and I am interested in seeing where they take it from here.

Martial arts-wise, there is a lot to be desired. But if that is what you are watching the series for, you have come to the wrong place anyway.

So, there is my view. I think it is worth the price, and if you are looking for a nostalgic series to just kick back and enjoy, this is better than most.