The Real Issues

I think it is cute how when you try to point and get your dog to look at something, they look at your finger. We tend to project our ideas and intent so well that we assume that the dog knows we mean Hey, look over there. When a dog does it, it is very cute and we get a laugh or a smile out of the dog just not understanding what we mean.

It isn’t cute when people don’t get it. It is very frustrating.

When I look at the issue of school shootings, I see a very simple solution, give our kids the same protections as our Courthouses, Capitol buildings, Banks, and Airlines – armed security. If there are armed guards at every entrance of a school, and if the armed guards are trained, perhaps former military, these attacks will stop. None of these cowards who have been walking into the schools were there to get in a gunfight. They pick schools because the kids are supposed to be protected by…a Gun-Free Zone sign.

But instead of figuring out the means of enacting such protections, people want to talk about a lot of things that have nothing to do with anything even resembling a solution. One week, we are told that Tide needs to make Tide Pods look less appetizing because teenagers are eating them, and the next we have a group of drama club teens telling us to boycott the NRA and take vacations out of the country so that Florida can suffer financially over gun laws that would have changed nothing. The gun laws are a side issue, especially when we find out about the dozens of times that Law Enforcement was notified about this sicko and opted to do nothing about him. He should have been arrested long before this murder spree took place. But even that does not make the schools safer.

Even the rational idea of allowing trained teachers to be armed gets twisted into nonsensical debates on issues that were never on the table. I have yet to hear anyone suggest that every teacher must be armed. But with all of the training and background checks and finger-printing that a person must go through to become licensed to carry, I am sure that a teacher with a license to carry would be perfectly fine to carry on campus. But the social media debate I read was the rush of people saying, I don’t WANT to carry a gun in class! 

To me, the bottom line is that you are either serious about protecting the kids or you are not. All of the bluster and the virtue signaling and the showboating and the scare-tactics are all such garbage. If all you are after is social media likes and follows, then you are a child and you need to find a less life-and-death topic to make your 15 minutes of fame about, and leave the serious matters to the adults.