Mass Shootings and U.S. Media

Do you ever ask why we never hear much about those times when a bad guy breaks into the wrong home and gets blown away by an armed homeowner? Does it ever cross your mind to think about how in the event someone is killing innocents and is killed by the proverbial Good Guy with a Gun that the story focuses on the murderer rather than the hero? Can you rattle off the names of the murderers from several mass shootings but have trouble naming more than one of the victims of these scum? Have you ever even stopped to consider who might profit from the exploitation of a certain narrative?

The news media makes money by getting people to tune in. And mass shootings hit us on an emotional level like nothing else. Those in the media are in a race to deliver the story first, even when the facts are not in.

As children are rushed out of their school, they have cameras in their faces before they even get a chance to calm down. It is the news media who exploit those who were able to survive the shooting, but the focus is always on the murderer. The murderer is named in the news. Their pictures are plastered on every tv and computer screen for weeks on end. Every nuance of their life and social media is examined and discussed. They become posthumous celebrities. They become famous.

And they become a hero to some other loser who wants that type of fame. And thus the cycle will repeat, because there will always be someone out there who is disturbed enough to try to copycat that fame for themselves.

On a side note, have you noticed how they never call the murderer a murderer? They call him a shooter. Well, anyone who shoots guns is a shooter. I am a shooter. But I am not a murderer. I’ve never shot a person, never even pointed a gun at a person. But I am still a shooter, just not the kind that kills people. That type of shooter is called a murderer. Do you see how easily language can be used in a way to manipulate your thoughts and interpretation of information?

I understand the need to do business and make money. But there was a time when the news media were not so easily compared to vultures. They are not looking out for you like they used to, and they could not care less about what is best for you or this Country.