Start Where You Are

If you are one of the lucky people who are a classic natural, congratulations, but you don’t need to read this one. This is for those of us who are imperfect and full of flaws and shortcomings.

Many people make unwarranted assumptions. For me, it is often assumed that because of my enormous size that I am automatically great at certain sports, basketball being the primary guess.

In fact, I am not naturally good at anything. I cannot think of anyone more naturally inept at everything than me.

But I do have one thing that has always allowed me to achieve some measure of success in some of the adventures in my life. I was always willing to work as hard as I had to to be successful whenever I thought there was a chance of success.

For those of us who are not naturally gifted, we will need to do the work. There was a time in my life where I hated the naturals. I was so jealous that if they were shown the right way to do something just once, they had it down. Whereas with me, you can explain it until your face turns blue, but I will understand it only with time. I always thought I was stupid, as I am sure that many other people do. But, much to the dismay of those who hate me, I am not stupid, I simply need to do things before I really understand. And there are more people in this category than there are those who get everything the first time.

You need to start where you are! If you get it right the first time, so much the better! But if it takes time and effort (the real translation of kung fu), then put in the required time and effort. You will still be able to be as good as anyone. Don’t worry about who gets there first, it isn’t a race. Physical skills take time and you need to start from where you are and take the path that works for you.

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