Year End/New Year Post

As 2016 is finally in its death throes, and 2017 is racing headlong into our collective faces, I thought I would share with you a few items of what is in the works here.

First, I want to thank those of you still here. Our subscriber list went up and down a bit, but ended higher than it started, which is a good thing. The U.S. Presidential election this year had many people unfriending people they had known and probably cared about for years, over a difference of opinion. I know on my Facebook account, I was unfriended by 35 people, and I barely ever get political at all. Those of you who let it all hang out…I don’t know if you even have friends on social media anymore.

I will be asking more help in sharing those articles you find informative or helpful. Facebook likes are nice, but they have no substantial shelf-life. Subscribing here and sharing from here to any social media you use is a bigger help in reaching a broader audience.

Toward that end, I am working on setting up a monthly giveaway. Once it is set, there will be a prize given out each month, and all you need to do to be entered is be a subscriber to this site (just click the follow button at near the top of the left-hand column and enter your email address to be subscribed), and to share at least one article each month. Each share will be an entry (the more you share the more you are entered). I will announce it here when this begins (I am still working out some of the details). This will be a way for me to thank you for helping me reach more people.

Also, I am committed to writing more. I intend to post one new article each week during 2017. If there are any questions you have or topics you would like to have me visit, please feel free to let me know at and I would be grateful for your input!

In closing, I thank you for still being here. I went into this massive project with only my Wife and Kids as subscribers (and I think they might have been only trying to make me feel good). We are at nearly 1,000 subscribers today. I hope that what I write is helpful and makes you think because that is my intent. Also, feel free to comment on articles directly if there is a point of clarification you need, or for any other reason really. And my email address is above if you ever want to chat. Thank you for everything! Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!