Priorities and Infrequent Posting

I just want to send a quick note out to those who follow this blog.

First I wish to thank you all for the follows, the Facebook likes, and the mostly kind emails. I really do appreciate all of it, and it does keep my drive alive to make this blog high quality in terms of content, and yet keep to my view that what I write should feel as if I am talking to you and not writing a dissertation.

Next I wish to remind those who do not know, that the new school year has begun, and as such, things are very hectic for me and anyone else who works in the public school system. There will probably be long stretches of time between posts untill December, and then again until June. I cannot help this as my work requires so much time and focus that if I try to multi-task, something is going to fall apart. I work with kids, and have a family, and so I cannot allow any of that to even be at risk of falling apart. I know those of you who know me personally understand, but I do want all of the people who read this to understand as well.

Last, I want to note that my next book is complete, but still needs to go through some editing. The first part of the editing is nearly complete, as I am going through and adding footnotes and references. I find both irritating, but references are a legal requirement and footnotes add clarity, so it is a necessary evil from my point of view. Once this is done, I send it out to a few people who have offered to defend the reader and make sure that I am expressing myself clearly. It is not possible to do this part myself because I know what I am trying to communicate. I think the entire process should be complete in such a way that by January I will have the new book out. This one is better than Slapping Dragons, so those of you who liked and enjoyed Slapping Dragons will really enjoy the next one.

Last, I want to thank everyone for the kind emails. I get some garbage emails, but by and large they are outnumbered by the positive emails (and for the record; I count constructive criticism as positive…). Thank you for reading, and I am so happy that so many people have found my random thoughts to be of some small use! Take care!