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I want this to be the best possible blog for my friends and readers. Please take a moment and let me know what you would like to see more of here in my future posts. Thank you in advance to any who take the time to complete this!!

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  1. thecamlayton says:

    Hi. I’ve been training Krav Maga for a several months now. I’m looking for another MA to add to it. I’ve several ideas but I’m not looking to train like for the UFC. I’m trying to get solid self defence and also add something with some style and other skills that will also complement Krav. What are your thoughts on mixing martial arts. What are the good and bad to look out for? Again, I’m not trying to get into the Thai Boxing/Jujitsu thing. I’ve considered Judo, but I also like Chinese Martial arts.

    I really enjoy your blog. It’s been helpful in my return to MA.



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