Another GJFFK Update

I have received an number of emails from people asking questions about what I am doing with the GJFFK form, and what these changes are.

As stated in previous entries, I am going through that form, as well as the 8 trigram staff form, and simply working the form. I am not looking for hidden applications, although I did discover some applications which had become obscured due to the changes that have crept into my form after many years of getting hung up on the idea of making the form “pretty” for tournament competition. I have openly confessed that I had become over conscious of practicing the performance of the form and more and more losing sight of the utility of the form.

Forms should not be pretty.

One funny side note – in spite of openly confessing the above information, some people have actually bought my GJFFK book and then slammed me in emails (of course not in person, why would they do that??!!?!?) for the very point which I have openly confessed here as well as several martial arts forums.

I have also openly admitted that the idea for this project came from Mr. Burgher’s excellent work “Five Years, One Kata”. I do not intend to write a book about what I am doing, as some people are claiming is my intent. I am blogging about it, because this is a free format, and easily accessible to anyone who wishes to read about it. There is also video on the way.

The point of what I am doing is to discover for myself how I should be doing GJFFK. IF you do it exactly like your Sifu, you have missed the point. The point of the form is not to make it an exact replica of your Sifu, it is to make it your own personal expression.

As I said, video is on the way. I have several videos which can show you much better than I have time to explain in writing. If you care, keep checking in, and you can see it.

It should not be long now!