More Changes to GJFFK

Well, it has been happening again.

In my research into the GJFFK form, and the in depth training of the form that I have been involved in, my form is changing a lot.

Personally, I have never felt that there was any reason to take an over reaching pride in the “my-form-has-not-changed-in-6,000-years” mentality. I know there are purists out there who laugh at people who are willing to make their form their own, but if I am to effectively apply the form, it has to work with my body. So, it is going to have to be adapted in some way.

I wanted to post videos, but the ol’ computer got a virus, and while I was able to reload almost all of my files, some things were lost. The bad thing is one of the things lost had nothing to do with the virus, it was the software CD for the video cam. SO, until I find it, I am stuck without being able to show you what all is changing in the form. Trust me on this one though – the changes are huge.

Someone out there is gonna tell me not to call it Hung Gar anymore…