Kane and Wilder: 10 Rules of Karate

I wanted to give a quick review of the latest from Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder called 10 Rules of Karate, the immutable path to victory

Here is what I wrote for the authors: “In your hands is a book that cuts straight through the chatter and gets straight to the point of unarmed self-defense. No relying on luck, no need for hoping that strength alone will carry the day. This is advice, as straight as it gets, which gets to the heart of what is important, and despite the title, is applicable regardless of martial arts style or system. Wilder and Kane have a down-to-earth, straight-forward approach that makes this book both readable and informative. You will have moments of, “Why didn’t I think of it like that before?”, and other moments where you feel like the scales have been removed form your eyes and you can see clearly for the first time. For the beginner martial artist or the seasoned veteran, this book holds much value. Read. Absorb. Keep what is useful. The rest will take care of itself.”

If I am to elaborate, this book is short but jam-packed with awesome stuff. With chapter titles such as Punches come in Bunches and Crack the Back, Kill the Attack, one can imagine that the brutal reality of physical conflict is addressed, and addressed directly. And you would be correct in your assumption. 

A word on writing style. I enjoyed every page of this book. I have read almost everything the Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder have produced. I am also a regular listener of their podcasts. I find their style highly readable. You don’t get bored or feel like they are dumbing things down for you. This book is not 600 pages, it doesn’t need to be. It is direct. It makes its points clearly and without flowery prose.

There are a lot of martial arts books that simply rehash old thoughts and ideas. 10 Rules of Karate is not one of those books. I like books that make me think, I like books that make me learn, and I like books that are a joy to read. This book checks all of those boxes. I really enjoyed 10 Rules of Karate. I think you will to.