The Logical End of Gun Control Debate

After every mass shooting, there is an immediate push for gun control. This is a knee-jerk reaction for some people who fret about how somebody needs to do something. There are, of course, politicians who have their agenda. When faced with the fact that there are more privately owned guns in America than there are people, and more privately owned ammunition than there are people on the planet, the only chance that the politicians have is to convince the general public that they should willingly give up their arms.

And they might actually be able to convince some people to do that.

After the shooting in El Paso Texas, there was a rising chant from the political left asking “Where was the good guy with a gun?”

But that was not a possible response after the Church shooting in White Settlement Texas. I’ve seen the footage. The entire event, from start to finish was a matter of seconds. The bad guy pulled out a gun and fired, several good guys pulled out guns, one of them fired, and it was over.

Not a wild west shootout with innocent bystanders dropping like flies. And not a mass slaughter while people are waiting for Police to arrive. The body count would be much higher if not for the recent changes in the law which allowed for armed citizens to carry in Churches as a part of Church security in Texas.

This is the end of the logical debate over private citizens carrying firearms. Any argument you hear going forward is propaganda and BS.

Assume your role as a protector and if it is legal where you live, go armed. You are not looking for a fight, no sane person is. Get training, practice, practice, practice. Be ready. If the day comes that you need to defend those you love, you will be ready.