Social Media Pitfalls

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As of this writing, it was about a week ago that I deleted all social media from my phone. I almost never use social media from any other device, so this was a pretty big step. The reasons I decided to do this were twofold. One, I was spending entirely too much time and energy on it. I noticed that I was viewing many events, memes, and odd comments that might pop into my head through the lens of what the social media reaction might be (how many likes, comments, etc. it might get). Two, I was falling into the trap of getting irritated with friends who would show any form of shallowness, shortsightedness, and ignorance at all. None of this is to say that I myself am immune from public displays of shallowness, shortsightedness, and ignorance. I think these are very much a part of the human condition. But I saw that I was viewing myself as being superior to others based on no evidence other than their social media posts, and this is just plain wrong.

I had fun for a while. I remember when I got my first death threat because of social media, fun times. I will still be peeking in from time to time, but only from a PC, and I will not be spending much time on it. In truth, I am pretty tired of it, the annoying trends where everyone starts or ends their update with the exact same phrase, the endless political posturing, and the pointless virtue signaling. All of that ruins the fun. And people are so quick to take offense these days, and they get so bold on social media with their hateful rhetoric. I had actually been reduced to being the guy who interrupted all of this with pictures of my breakfast. I was really out of place.

In the past week, I have noticed that I am a lot more focused, productive, and aware. I recommend this to anyone! No one wants to get to their last day, only to be filled with regret over how much time they wasted staring at their phone.

For those who have been asking, right now I am hard at work on The Blood of Our Fathers 2: Stand and Fight. I have some Stand and Fight seminars booked, and about a dozen blog posts in various stages of completion. Things are busy around here, but I love it. I will be getting back to weekly posts very soon, and also have plans for weekly video post as well. All of this is coming soon!