Stand and Fight

20190106_113840I don’t recommend that anyone study what I study.

The people who study what I study don’t sleep. The people who study what I study stay angry. The people who study what I study know what people are willing to do to each other. We stumble across trends in violence. We see different groups of people rushing headlong toward a cliff, and we want to stop them, we want to help them, to save them. But they don’t listen.

We tell you that mental illness needs to be addressed, but society shouts louder than we can that we need to stop stigmatizing mental illness. Because of the human need to assign a reason for bad events, this attempt to be nice and not stigmatize mental illness leads people to blame a gun for people getting killed by an insane person. Make no mistake, if the best idea you can come up with for what to do today is to drive ten hours and murder some people at a Walmart, you are f*cking insane. With all due process required by the U.S. Constitution, these people should be locked up. But they aren’t. Because we might feel bad about being mean to the crazy person.

We see people forgetting that the perfect world is pure fiction. We tell anyone willing to listen that there are people who are deeply flawed, dangerous, and some are beyond help. They have always been among us, and they always will be. There is no law that will keep us safe, we have to do that ourselves.

But the foolish only know this imaginary world of light and song. No darkness exists there. These are the people who get hurt when evil arrives.

Men are supposed to be the barrier between women and children and those who would harm them. We are the protectors. For a few decades, there has been an increasing call against men being men. We have had everything masculine deemed toxic. We have been demonized, and found guilty of crimes beyond measure, with the sole evidence presented being gender.

So, men became wishy-washy. In an attempt to appease the accusers, men have gone to further and further lengths to distance themselves from traditional masculine roles and traits.

Don’t look up the video I am going to reference. You will have your image of humanity shattered. If it cost me sleep, you are not ready to see it, and it cost me a lot of sleep. I saw security footage of an insane woman who permanently disfigured a child of about three years old. She then attempted to attack a second child. The man in the video, pulled the second child away before she was injured. The insane woman then started to leave the scene. The woman, holding the first child took the hand of the second child and told the man to stop the insane woman. He started to go after her, but she brandished a knife. The man literally jumped backwards and ran away from the insane woman, actually placing the woman who was holding the two children, one severely injured, between him and the insane woman.

Many men do not understand their role in society. We are protectors first. Our lives are not worth as much as those we are supposed to protect. I will spare you the Had I been there stuff, those of you who know me well know what I would have done. I know that someone willing to maim a toddler is beyond redemption and not worth the space they take up. Instead, I will leave you with this thought; what would you do? Would you protect, or would you run away?