The Blood of our Fathers

This post was written while I was in the final editing stage of the book. The Blood of our Fathers is available now. Click here.

Been gone a while. I have been writing a lot, but not here. I am about to release a new book. I have been absent from this blog because of several factors, a home purchase, and moving, and unpacking and all that goes along with that. But there has been a lot of time consumed with the new book. I wanted this one to be better than anything I have done in the past because I am dedicating it to the memory of my Son. Titled The Blood of our Fathers.

The Blood of our Fathers is about the attack on everything that is masculine in our time. In it, I look to the values and ethics of the Warrior cultures of the past to see what their views on masculinity and the role of man were. I then examine in each case where and how we might be able to apply these same ethics and values in our own life.

True enough, this book is not a topic that is going to be great in the eyes of everyone. However, at a time in history when everything masculine seems to be deemed evil, there are some people who need to hear the words of the great warrior cultures.

The book is not about attacking anyone, but rather, it is about identifying those areas which worked well for older societies, and where the traditionally minded male may find a code of ethics that will fit in the modern world, yet allow him to live out his values as a man.

As this book comes from the heart, it is my sincere hope that people are able to find some value in it. I hope that for some men who feel weighed down by the constant attack, that they can see a path out of the nonsense. I hope that some women can see that men are not the evil oppressors that we all have been told that men are.

As always, likes are appreciated, but even if you are not going to buy the book, shares would mean a lot to me! If you do opt to buy the book, reviews are the life blood of the independent writer, and would really help a lot. Many thanks to all of you who read what I write, and know that I appreciate all of you! Take care and be nice to each other.

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