Playing with Fire

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It is impossible to take a look at the news without seeing people throwing tantrums, or threatening violence.

I understand being frustrated with politicians. I get that some people do not like the people in charge. But I think that, regardless of political belief doctrine, things can and should be handled better than this. Throwing a fit and claiming it is the end of the world every time a politician opens his or her mouth is just childish. The fact is that TEOTWAWKI is going to be something unmistakable. You won’t need to start a social media hashtag campaign to convince people that this is the real deal. So, on that front, please, just stop.

On to the threats of violence.

What do you think is going to happen?

When you make every attempt to convince someone that you are going to attack them, how do you really think they will respond?

Obviously, the people behaving this way think that the person they are threatening will back down and concede defeat.

But what if they don’t?

Do you make the threat again, only louder? Do you step even closer to the edge and give the person you are threatening a poke or a shove, you know, to let them know you really mean it?

What if, instead of backing down, they guy knocks your teeth down your throat?

Will you cry for the Police to arrest him?

See, when you are threatening violence, you are the one placing that option on the table. Whether or not you had the intent or ability to back it up is irrelevant.

Aside from exposing a lot of previously unknown mental illness, social media has also given people an unwarranted courage in conflict. They assume, based on online experience, that simple threats will carry the day. This behaviour is absolutely insane, and even a small dose of rational thought would expose the flaws. Believe it or not, there are people who disagree with you and all of your political thinking. Relax, you’ll be fine! People will disagree with you for your entire life and it will still mean nothing. But your whole world will change if you threaten violence against someone who is willing and able to up the ante.

Here is an alternative: focus your time, energy, and efforts on the things that you have actual control over. You will be a lot happier and look a lot less unhinged. You don’t have to lose friends over politics and opinions. Take breaks from both social media and “news” media. Get grounded and reconnect. You will be happier. And try to relax. All will be well.