Santa Fe, Tx School Shooting

I’m tired of this cycle. People are dying and the only response is virtue signaling and talking points.

Here is what matters first:

Secure the schools.

Bring in armed guards, and secure the schools. Any so-called solution that you want to put forward that does not start with securing the schools tells me in no uncertain terms that you are not serious about the issue at hand. And if you are not serious about this issue, you need to sit down and shut up while the adults talk.

These tragedies happen and all you hear for a few weeks is gun control gun control gun control.

Newsflash: laws only work when people follow them.

Murder is already illegal. So is bringing a firearm onto the school campuses where these terrible events have occurred. Laws are meaningless to someone deranged enough to want to kill people.

We can debate mental illness, societal breakdown, and even guns if you want, but secure the schools first. Lives are being lost while people posture about how superior their position on the subject is.

We have reached a point where wishing death upon someone over a difference of opinion is normal, how is it that we are surprised when someone takes things one step further? This is what we are facing.

Secure the schools against these attacks. Then we can debate all you want.

crime scene do not cross signage
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