Blame Game

The anti-gun crowd wants to lay the blame at the feet of every person who supports gun rights. They are using kids as puppets to beg for the removal of 2nd Amendment rights. They brag about the support for their cause from other countries as if such support matters. They blame NRA members for the actions of people who are not part of the NRA. They label me a child murderer for being a member, and by doing so, they blame me for tragedies such as happened in Parkland.


I blame politicians who have to stick their nose into schools for clouding the issues. They impose asinine rules which take crimes that would be arrestable offenses if they took place across the street from a school, and turn them into rules infractions that must be handled by school administrators in a way which does not cause the kid to miss class time if they happen on campus. The same politicians who send their kids to private schools with armed security, but claim that when a parent asks for armed security at a public school that schools shouldn’t look like prisons. The same politicians who show up at anti-gun rallies with an armed escort detail. The same politicians who forgot that they are representatives of the People and not leaders of the Nation.

I blame the bureaucracy that is so powerful that it has no accountability for its many and repeated failures. They failed to weed out mass murderer after mass murderer, but they are never blamed. Why?

I blame the news media for salivating over every mass shooting. I blame them for turning the murderers into temporary celebrities. I blame them for presenting these monsters in ways that we are supposed to feel sorry for them, to understand them, to feel anything but contempt for them. I blame them for causing us to know more about the killers than the victims. I blame them for their role in dividing this Nation and for inspiring copycat killers and simultaneously ignoring any hero who saves lives with a firearm.

I blame the people who are so easily distracted from the real issue that they end up buying every lie told by all of the above for keeping this endless cycle of tragedy/protest/tragedy going.

I blame parental stupidity for allowing kids to think anything can be accomplished by walking out of schools in pointless, whiny tantrums and teaching them to find comfort and solace in the echo-chambers of ignorance and denial of reality. And for raising kids who think that anyone who disagrees with them and their cupcake worldview is an enemy to be destroyed.

Do you see how easy this is?

I have talked about everything except the real issue. Half of my readers are in full agreement, and half want me dead right now. But the real issue hasn’t been mentioned.

The murders.

I blame the murderers for the murders.