Las Vegas Attack

I woke up this morning, the occasion of my 48th birthday, to read about the terrible events which happened in Las Vegas last night.

At about 10:00 PM the shooting began. Just before 11:30 the Las Vegas Police gained entry into the shooter’s room and found him dead of a self-inflicted shot. During the elapsed time he murdered 59 people and injured over 500 others.

As I watched the different films of the attack, I noticed that there was a differing rate of fire, but that this was clearly automatic weapon fire, not semi-auto. One burst of nonstop fire had just over 100 rounds. He was firing from the 32nd floor of the hotel, downward at an outdoor concert.

Just like clockwork, the sub-human scum politicians started trying to score political points by playing on fears.

I studied. I watched video after video of the event, asking myself what could be done.

In the end, the real answer is that beyond running for cover, there is nothing that could be done. A sicko with fully automatic weapons shooting people from 32 floors up is going to need to be taken out on the 32nd floor.

While our celebrities and pro athletes slander our Law Enforcement at every turn, the Police did what they do – they went toward the source of the gunfire. Had the loser not taken his own life, they would have put an end to his killing spree, even if they had to throw him out of the window to do it. And they risk their lives knowing that there will still be those who hate and slander and lie about them. They are the heroes.

Some people have asked about this event and how to handle this type of active shooter. The only answer I have is that there is no way to be 100% safe. You do still need to live your life. This type of event is, in its details, unpredictable. Broadly speaking, in a society where vitriol is spewed from every source, where we are told that those who disagree with our political outlook are our enemies, where social media makes crazy people crazier by encouraging rage, and where people view likes and follows as a real form of validation which pushes and rewards further and further asinine behavior, violence is inevitable. I know of no active shooter course that would have helped in this situation. Learn the sound of gunfire. Learn the difference between cover and concealment.

And for crying out loud, learn to be nice to each other.