Range Time

I promised a follow-up to my First Impressions article about the Walther Creed. Here it is.

Although the weekend was busy with a North Texas Regional Karate Championships to prepare and direct for KickStart Kids, I snuck away for a few minutes on Sunday morning to try out the new Creed.

I had never loaded a magazine for a semi-auto before. The springs were tougher than I imagined, but I got the hang of it. It might just be because the springs are new, don’t know and don’t really care. I just figure everything has a learning curve and this one was quite manageable.

And a silly side note; after spending so much time lately dealing with .357 Magnum and 45-70 cartridges, 9mm are so tiny that it took a little time to get used to handling them.

Back to the Creed.

The gun is awesome! I ran 100 rounds through it (it was all I brought, normally 100 rounds with the revolver takes most of the hour long range time, not so with a semi-auto). No malfunctions at all. Malfunctions were my main concern. I had none.

The complaints about the grips seem unfounded to me, or maybe I’m just not very picky. Could it be that other polymer guns bite more snugly in the hand, perhaps? The gun didn’t jump out of my hand, and it didn’t even slip a little.

The sights were great. My accuracy was good enough that I eventually ran out of bullseye to hit and started working on creating an ever-widening hole in the paper. The only time my accuracy went down was when I tried some rapid-fire. As it turns out, I’m not John Wick. But, having started my journey into the world of firearms with truly horrible marksmanship, I’m okay with what I accomplished.

Loaded with 16 rounds, it is still lighter than my revolver. I like the gun. A lot.

I really appreciate the shares! Thanks!