New Sword(s)

Depending on how often you visit, you may or may not have had a chance to see a new image on my randomized header for this site.

I was given an early Father’s Day present, a pair of Damascus Steel butterfly swords.


In this article, I want to talk about them.

To start, I guess I should make a brief mention about “Damascus Steel”. Yes, I am aware that the exact method for producing actual Damascus steel is no longer known. I am also aware that the vast majority of what is sold as Damascus steel is in fact pattern welded steel. I have read the arguments on both sides about the usefulness of modern Damascus steel regarding both strength and reliability. The arguments had me truly tempted to call these swords Valyrian Steel.

And the bottom line is that none of it matters to me.

I have been collecting swords my entire adult life. I have some wall hangers that would be dangerous to merely swing swiftly with a sudden stop at the end. I have others that would cleft my enemies in twain, if I had enemies worth killing.

I like these butterfly swords. A lot. In the sunlight they are like nothing I have ever seen or owned before; absolutely beautiful blades.

When they arrived, they had no edge at all. So I gave them an edge and they are scary sharp now. The downside to sharpening them is that I cannot keep them with me everywhere I go. In Texas, I think the maximum blade size that is legal to carry is four inches. I can’t take any of my other swords with me either, so it is just standard rules.

I plan on doing a video when I put them through a bit of cutting. I don’t do destruction tests like some of the Youtube people out there, simply because I find the thought of spending hard-earned money on something and then intentionally finding out what it takes to destroy my purchase to be appalling.

So, I will show some cutting (any non-destruction test requests will be considered if you email them to me). Other than that, I am just going to be very happy that I have these swords. They jumped right to the top of my favorite list.