Free Online Self Defense Course

Our long promised FREE online self-defense course is now live!

The decision was made that the road to take was covering the information left out of the typical self defense course.

We decided to use the Udemy platform to deliver the course. To take the course, go to and sign up. The sign up process is free and consists of entering your email address and creating a password. Once you do this you will get lifetime access to the course. This is important because of a unique feature I am adding called “Office Hours”. In this section I will be taking questions from students of the course, and adding video segments to answer the questions. There is also a discussion forum available for the course as well, and I will be an active participant in the discussions.

If you like the course, please do two things for us; rate the course, and share it with friends.

A word on the videos; the editing is a bit choppy at times. I am less skilled at this than one might assume, if you assume I am good at everything (I’m not…). I absolutely love the awkward freeze frames Udemy added to the videos. Some silliness never hurts when dealing with a serious subject.

Please go sign up, and please share and rate if you like it!