Still MORE fake mystical nonsense…

This is an older video which turned up in a discussion on Iain Abernethy’s forum, I decided to share it here and give my take on stuff like this again, as there are still people who believe this sh…stuff. First, the video:

I was impressed with only one point in the video, the part where the Master attempted to distance his nonsense from the Qi Power nonsense of the Chinese Martial Arts. That was amusing to me, even if it was a silly lie. When a claim is based on the same BS mysticism, and then you try to make a claim that the two are not related, just silly! Other than that, the video is a waste of a few minutes of your life. In watching the clip, I hope that your BS detector went full tilt as the Master had to stomp his foot in time with the kiai in order to get the bell to ring.

I hope.

The part earlier in the clip when the Master drops a man to his knees with the shout, we have one of two possibilities: 1. the guy was in on it, or 2. the guy who was dropped is delusional and believes the BS.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be had in the martial arts, enough to keep a person engaged in deep study for a lifetime. We really don’t need this type of charlatanism.