Book Project Update

A few months ago, I pulled my books offline with the idea of updating them. They no longer represented the way I am doing things, and I wanted them to be as accurate as possible. In a conversation with an old friend of mine, he made note that this was a mistake, as I could simply add to my existing work, and allow those who care a chance to see how my thinking evolves over time. So, I made a few adjustments and will be getting Learn Hung Gar back online within a few weeks.

I also have a new book in the works as well. It has been my not so top-secret project for a while. I have completed the writing, and the project is going through the proofing stages now. It will be coming out (I hope) before August. I will publish more details once they are available. This is the main reason that there have been no new posts here lately. I have been very busy with all of this, in addition to life…

I guess the short form of the above is, stay tuned!