Site and Article Update


     I wanted to put up a quick update on where some of the articles have gone. It was time to do some house cleaning. As I have been examining some previously unexamined beliefs and practices in my training, things have changed. Specifically, in my series tiled “Forms: Step by Step”, a lot of what was published was no longer accurate in it’s description of how I do things.

     While there could be some debate on this, it is actually a traditional practice to make changes to the forms. Total mimicry is a very modern phenomenon. So, I have been working on increasing the practical applicability of my forms. I have a partially finished article on this which should be up by the end of the week, but that is for later. Here I am just making note that I removed the previous posts under the Forms": Step by Step category, and am going to be re-writing them and updating the information on how I do things. It is also my intent to include some videos, but that takes time and I don’t like to take time away from my kids, so that is something that may not happen right away. We shall see. Anyway, keep an eye out for the updated and much more detailed articles in the new and improved series!