My wife and I made our trip to the Philippines to bring our children home, but the rules seem ton have changed while we were in the process, so we had to leave without our children, which sucks. I do not have the words to express the anger I still feel over the way that EVERYONE in the entire process told us to “go get your children”, and we go, and we are not allowed. Here is a picture of our daughter, the big ugly guy standing behind her is me.

 family030303My daughter is an incredibly gifted child. I wish I had not missed out on so much of her life through this idiotic Immigration process. But getting to spend the better part of August with her was an incredible experience that I would not trade for anything. 













family 003Here is a picture of our son. He is also an incredibly intelligent kid. I kept him laughing most of the time we were there through my general goofy attitude. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am pretty silly around friends and family.

family 009This one was taken at the Navarro Shrine. Larger than life brass sculptures of the stations of the cross overlooking and incredible hillside made for a perfect family picnic.We are currently waiting to find out what further obstacles are going to be thrown in front ofus, and we have been told that we may be able to bring our children home before the end of this year.Keep Praying!

And, our family is getting bigger! My wife and I are expecting a baby during the last week of March! What a perfect thing it would be to have the children here before the birth!