New Book in the works!

After several months of research, fact checking, and getting ducks in a row. after a good dozen rewrites of the outline, I have started on a new book. My goal is to have it available by August of this year. If you have not already given a “Like” to the Facebook “Wallace Smedley’s Page”, please…

Fight Outcomes Revisited

In my previous video I had some people comment that maybe…just maybe I had pulled a fast one. Because it was too perfect that I just happened to pick the paper that said I died in the fight. So, I remade the video without letting the papers get out of sight of the camera. Hope this helps!

What is the best way to stop bullies?

Questions kept popping up after my video on bullying: Why do the anti-bullying programs seem to be ineffective, and sometimes even exacerbate the problem? Is there a good way to stop bullies? There is a simple reason, at least in my opinion, of why so many of the anti-bullying programs fail: these programs do not…

On Bullying

This is a remake of an earlier video I made for people experiencing bullying. I hope it covers the important points and helps people.