Train with Wallace

I offer a range of self-defense courses designed to cover many of the various aspects of self-protection, as well as instructor training for MA Instructors who want to improve their instruction. Lastly, there are classes on worst-case scenario (active shooter, home invasion, etc) available.

Because I work full-time for the KICKSTART KIDS Organization, there are weekends that are booked a year in advance, and I am devoted to my Family, as a result, the booking dates are extremely limited. The training received is worth the limited dates. Please email me directly using the form at the bottom of this page for available dates and price quotes. 

Personal Safety is more than just “self-defense”

Personal Safety involves more than just the physical violence part of the event. Everything that happened before the physical violence played a role in both people being there. The courses I offer contain information and training to increase your personal safety through better avoidance, awareness and de-escalation skills. The session also includes training to address physical conflict should events go to that level, but the first section is where real safety is to be found. This can training can be had in a four or six-hour format, whichever works best for your needs. Please contact me if you have special considerations or any further questions.

Instructor Training

Also offered are Instructor Training Courses, where you and your instructors can learn to teach like a teacher. There is no need to offer the flavor-of-the-month martial arts class. Improve your skills at delivering the class and teach like a teacher and your student’s skills will improve, as well as your student retention.

Worst-Case Scenario (Active Shooter, Home Invasion, and other wide-awake Nightmares)

Our Worst-case scenario training is just what it sounds like. Active Shooter Response, home invasion, terror attack, riots – this is training to have a plan for those societal breakdown times. The answers to these situations are not easy choices. Sometimes, there are no good options, and sometimes only survival matters. This training offers a plan for when things go terribly wrong. These classes are available for individuals, businesses – anyone who is interested in staying safe. This course can be done as a cover-all-bases class to address all of these situations, or as a class that covers your specific concerns. Contact me with any concerns or questions.

Additionally, if you are interested in training, but distance makes the financial gymnastics too much trouble, contact me anyway! I have connections all over the U.S.A. and Europe, as well as contacts in the U.K., Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong and I am sure that I can help you find the training you want, whether with me or someone close to you.

Protecting Your Children

It is never easy to even consider the fact that some harm could come to your child. There is no plan that is going to give 100% results, but there are steps you can take to make your child safe, as well as help them understand what to watch for in terms of staying safe in a sometimes dangerous world. I am here to help, and this class is offered to anyone who needs it. Just contact me and we will get it set up.

Dates are limited, but please use the contact form on this page to get the process started. I typically respond in twenty-four hours or less. Hope to hear from you soon!


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