Stand and Fight Seminars

20190106_113840NOTE: Because I work full-time for the KICKSTART KIDS Organization, there are weekends that are booked a year in advance, and I am devoted to my family, as a result, the booking dates are extremely limited. The training received is worth the limited dates. Please email me directly using the form at the bottom of this page for available dates and price quotes. 

The Blood of our Fathers: The Stand and Fight Seminars

With the demonization of men that has gradually come to dominate our culture, the modern man has been left with few options as far as being all that he can be and fulfilling his traditional role in human society; that of the protector.

Yet, our society needs protectors as much now as at any point in known history. We need men to be men and live up to the legacy which was bought with the blood of our Fathers.

The Blood of our Fathers: Stand and Fight seminars are here to address that specific need. We cover more than just self-defense, we teach how to protect others. Our course is designed to bring anyone to a level of confident proficiency in the field of stopping the threat when possible, or protecting others until the professionals arrive. Much like a CPR course, we bring you to this proficiency without trying to make you the ultimate expert on the subject. We will not teach you a martial arts style and make you a Black Belt. We will teach you how to defend yourself and the defenseless should the need ever arise. People walk out of this course with a deeper understanding of defending themselves, defending others, and making a quick decision to act when needed.

Our six-hour course covers the following:

  • Understanding the traditional role of man in society (Discussion)
  • Becoming Fighting Fit
  • Fighting Ranges
  • Firearm Fundamentals
  • Edged Weapon Fundamentals
  • Blunt Weapon Fundamentals
  • Improvised Weapon Fundamentals
  • Unarmed Fighting Fundamentals
  • Ground Fighting Fundamentals
  • EDC Considerations
  • Q&A (Discussion)

These classes have been taught to Church groups, men’s groups, young adult clubs, individuals, and corporations. If you are interested, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get things started.


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