Title Change

Longtime readers may have noticed the change on the site’s title. A little explanation follows.

When I set the title as “Martial arts, sharp things, and guns!”, that was all I intended to write about. A lot of what I write comes from either email requests for my opinion, or emailed questions.

These questions were straying far from my intended topics. The more I wrote, the more this was the case. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks, and I decided to pull the plug on MA, ST,&G, and retitle this site more in line with what I am writing.

When I talk about the “all of the above” approach to self-defense, I really mean all phases and all options being on the table. Good decisions and wise choices being the bedrock. Awareness is an essential element as well. Physical fitness cannot be excluded. Training in all ranges from ground-fighting, through striking, to kicking. Weapons cannot be ignored, whether this means blunt force weapons, blade, or gun.

Moving ahead, I will keep things on the topic of self-defense and personal safety, but this will be as part of my “all of the above” approach. Some people were turned away by the very scary word “guns”, and perhaps this will allow them to feel safe in returning! My intent remains the same, I want to help people. Maybe this will broaden the reach.

Thank you to those of you who keep coming around!