Prized Possessions: Antique Bayonet

I have only a few possessions that I can classify as a Prized Possession. But this is one of them. It is a bayonet made in 1879 in France. The inscription reads: Mre D’ Armes De St. Etieme Mars 1879. In spite of a full semester of French many years ago, which not only passed but scored highly in, the only French words I remember are inconvenient and Nonessential. Google translate gives me this: Mother of Arms of St. Etieme March 1879. How accurate that translation is, is unknown to me.

One cool point to me is the serial number on the sheath matches the number on the weapon. It is steel, and quite old, and as such there is some pitting on the sheath, and the weapon itself, but for its age it is in remarkable condition, and the point is still wicked sharp to this day. I poked a hole in the tip f my index finger with it this afternoon when I absent-mindedly felt the tip. The same tip that, as a teen when I would get ahold of any old scraps of leather, I would lay them over a phone book and stab as hard as I could. Leather was never up to the task of even slowing the point down. And the phone books all suffered greatly.

Anyway, here are some photos of a real weapon that probably has some ghosts attached to it.

20130713_135612 20130713_135623 20130713_135639 20130713_135707 20130713_135719 20130713_135729 20130713_135743