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From The Self Defence Expert, I pass along the following, a Guest Blog post he had from Michelle Fighitng Back:

The Self Defence Expert


Wow what a great response from my last blog. I have had so many positive comments from so many people and thank you it is very much appreciated.

Trust me the next post will push the boundaries even further for people. It will make people feel very uncomfortable and force them to ask themselves a lot of questions about their training, however that will be coming soon. The idea of this blog is to cause discussion, motivate and become a platform for my views and opinions. I started it because I got so fed up with the total rubbish that was generally being written and sold as self defence products. Self defence is an unregulated industry, this means that anyone can sell anything without any comeback at all. Without any testing and without any basis in reality.

I keep saying that a self defence revolution is on its way. We need to look at violence for the answers…

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