We are live.

Well, I talked about it for a long time. I played with the idea, and repeatedly convinced myself it would be a waste of money. But we have finally gone live here at www.wallacesmedley.com .

Over the coming months there are going to be a lot of things happening. I am going to get my books back out for sale, just as a start. I took them offline as there were some editing issues that I simply did not feel I had time to fix, and rather than let the people who sit in their mother’s basement and chat on internet forums about what great warriors they are and how Wallace Smedley misspelled some words so he must not be a real warrior, I took the books down. (By the way, I’ve never been in a war, so I am actually not a warrior, and never claimed to be).

Once I complete the process of getting the books back on the market, I will begin the dreaded process of editing the film footage to provide instructional videos. Many of these will be free clips, and I will also be putting my curriculum into video instructional format, and those will be available for purchase.

In keeping with my previous statements about the silliness of secrets in the martial arts, I will be putting my entire curriculum online in a non-instructional format as well. There is far too much secrecy about many styles of the Chinese martial arts, and I think we need to modernize our thinking in this, as well as many other areas.

I will continue to provide my honest best effort in the articles. I tell the truth in these articles, as I see it, and while there is an infrequency to my articles, this is in the interest of providing quality articles. If you are interested in every rambling thought that goes through my head, follow my twitter www.twitter.com/wallacesmedley

Once again, I thank you all who have followed my work from sifuatlarge to here, you are much appreciated and the fact that I get some emails from people who find value in what I do here more than makes up for the hateful emails from the mystical warrior monk wannabes. Keep coming around as there is going to be a lot happening! As always, you can keep up by simply subscribing and spread the word by sharing the articles you enjoy! Take care all!