I just wanted to get a quick post out to say that I have not forgotten my blog and my millions and millions of loyal readers. Well…dozens and dozens of loyal readers, friends and well wishers. And yes, for the record, my definition of well wisher is broad enough to include those who wish me no specific harm.


I have been busy researching the history of my style in an effort to finish my long promised ebook. I found out that, like many other things in life, what we think we know is not always the truth. The coming post here, as well as the history section of the ebook is going to have a very different account of the history of Chinese martial arts and Hung Gar than one might first assume it to be. I will post it here very soon (within the next week or so).


Classes are still on hiatus because I have a very limited amount of time that I get to spend with my baby daughter, and I am not willing right now to take any of it away from her. I may not be willing to spend evenings teaching for a long time, but I am enjoying the time with Ysabella way too much to give it up.