Prelude to a Fight

There is a title to the book I am working on now, Prelude to a Fight .subtitle Personal Safety Before the Physical Conflict Begins.

The book is to be about the things that happen prior to a physical conflict that are under our control. This is a logical follow up to my two previous offerings, Slapping Dragonsand Ignorance, Myth, and the Martial Arts

I hope to have it out by August, but I can say with confidence that it will be available this year. I thank all of you who have supported my work in the past, and feel grateful that people find value in what I write. Once the book is finished, I will announce it here first. Thanks everyone!

New Book in the works!

After several months of research, fact checking, and getting ducks in a row. after a good dozen rewrites of the outline, I have started on a new book. My goal is to have it available by August of this year. If you have not already given a “Like” to the Facebook “Wallace Smedley’s Page”, please do so as the updates there are probably going to be more frequent. But the word on the completion of the project will be here first. I thank all of you for your support through the years, and promise this book will be the best yet!

Keep an eye out for updates!

What is the best way to stop bullies?

Questions kept popping up after my video on bullying:

Why do the anti-bullying programs seem to be ineffective, and sometimes even exacerbate the problem? Is there a good way to stop bullies?

There is a simple reason, at least in my opinion, of why so many of the anti-bullying programs fail: these programs do not address two basic issues.

The anti-bully activists come up with ideas and slogans and promote ever expanding definitions of what exactly is bullying. This is part of what has brought us to a point where bullying is Continue reading “What is the best way to stop bullies?”

How should you stand before the fight?

I have been getting a lot of email lately with questions that are not really answerable in article or email format, unless I want to take a lot more time to respond that what I have available. Here is a video answering one of the more frequent questions; how should I stand before the fight begins?

Personal Safety: Awareness

In an article published on a feminist “news” site, claiming to address the topic of self-defense, the author used a line that still bothers me. The line was “and the amazing and impossible ‘be aware of everything around you all the time.’”

This mischaracterization of the subject of awareness does have a basis in a deeper problem. For many years, the common line was “be aware of your surroundings” and the term “situational awareness” was taught without depth for so long that some in the self protection industry prefer not to even use the term anymore. I still use it, but that is because it is very descriptive and helpful, if some information is given as a follow up. Still, I understand why some people shy away from it.

What follows is my take on the concept.

I prefer to look at situational awareness as a Continue reading “Personal Safety: Awareness”